EucoLight – influencing the WEEE lighting agenda in Europe

EucoLight, European association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes

Recolight is a founder member of EucoLight, a new European trade association focused on WEEE in the lighting sector.  EucoLight already has members from 15 different Member States right across the EU.  The organisation has been created to give a voice to lighting WEEE compliance schemes at a European level.

Why EucoLight membership is important for Recolight

Recolight has chosen to be a member as we understand the importance of influencing WEEE policy at a European level. The WEEE directive includes a number of key articles scheduled for review in Europe over the next two years. We need to ensure that the outcome of those reviews is right for the UK lighting industry and our Members.

Links with LightingEurope

One of the board members is Diederik de Stopelaar, the Secretary General of LightingEurope. His influence ensures that we maintain strong links with lighting producers, helping us to speak with one voice in Europe.

Low costs – high impact

EucoLight is a lean organisation, with just one member of staff, to keep costs down. Most of the work is undertaken by the EucoLight members who sit on the Working Groups. This model gives the Working Groups access to a huge range of experience across Europe – and therefore high impact with European stakeholders.

Recolight are pleased to be members of EucoLight, and look forward to contributing to its success.


Suzanne Castine

Marketing Manager, Recolight - - As well as being in charge of effective communication and driving up membership of the Recolight WEEE scheme, Suzanne is chair of the Eucolight Marketing and Communication working group; a platform for sharing best practice with EU member state Producer Compliance Schemes.



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