Recolight was set up by the lighting industry to provide WEEE compliance for the lighting industry.

  • Recolight take on the  responsibility of our Producer Members’ WEEE compliance,
  • giving their customers access to the UK’s most
    comprehensive free lamp & luminaire collection and recycling service,
  • ensuring that as many GDLs, LEDs and luminaires as possible are kept out of landfill.

To date, Recolight has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires than all UK WEEE compliance schemes put together.

We are funded by our members as a not-for-profit organisation, with all funds used towards maximising recycling.

The WEEE Regulations state that:

“Producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) are responsible for financing and ensuring the disposal of end-of-life products in an environmentally sound way arising from both household and non-household users.”

If you put a product in scope of the WEEE regulations onto the UK market you are classed as a producer.

This applies to all companies who:

  • Manufacture and sell electrical and electronic equipment under their own brand.
  • Resell, under their own brand, equipment produced by other suppliers.
  • Import electrical and electronic equipment on a professional basis into an EU Member State. This includes imports into the UK from other EU member states.

If you put on market more than five tonnes in the previous calendar year you must join a compliance scheme which will meet your WEEE responsibility for you.


Join the WEEE scheme that sets the standard for lighting

Getting WEEE right for lighting since 2005

Household Luminaires & WEEE Open Scope – A Definitive guide for Lighting

Recolight, the WEEE scheme of choice for lightingSETTING THE WEEE STANDARD FOR LIGHTING

As a Recolight Member you can be confident that you are joining the scheme that has no hidden costs; charging is per lamp put on market which means you can forecast what you will be charged each month.

You can be assured you will get the best advice from Recolight; the specialist, not for profit, lighting scheme for all business and household lighting. We fully understand the way WEEE impacts lighting and act to minimise the impact of this to your business.

Recolight is active in lobbying to make sure that the WEEE regulations and associated legislation are right for the lighting industry and its customers.

Recolight operates in a radically different way from other WEEE schemes. Most schemes with a lighting obligation simply buy lamp recycling evidence to meet their obligations. Instead, at Recolight we offer the customers of our members a free of charge recycling service. For our members, that means the additional benefits for their customers are material. It moves WEEE from simply a compliance function, and into a value added solution.


Recolight provide WEEE compliance for producers of lamps and luminaires, managing all your WEEE responsibility on your behalf.

Household luminaires came into scope of the WEEE Regulations in January 2019, producers must join a WEEE compliance.

We are the only compliance scheme that provides free recycling for all lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations.

You can promote to your customers that you are a Member of the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme; the scheme that has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires in total than all other UK schemes put together.

About your membership

  • Your annual put on market data will be automatically collated through the WEEE black box.
    This is transferred to the EA in full compliance with the regulations.
  • Reporting is per unit put on market which means you have no hidden costs and can forecast what you will be charged each month.
  • You have confidence that your WEEE compliance is properly and professionally handled.
  • We can provide a recycling service at your site for you and your customers to use.*
  • We will update you with information regarding changes to the UK’s WEEE regulations.
  • We will lobby on your behalf to make sure the WEEE regulations are right and fair for lighting.
  • We are committed to increasing the recycling rate of lamps and luminaires.

*Subject to minimum requirements.

More than WEEE compliance

We can help you with recycling lamps and luminaires across Europe, making sure you meet your obligations under the WEEE Directive. We have a dedicated customer service team managing over 750 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month. And a UK wide network of over 3200 collection points giving our members and their customers access to FREE recycling.

Recolight attend the Lighting Europe WEEE Working Group, and are members of the CENELEC and BSI WEEE standards committees. The Recolight CEO is Chairman of the WEEE Scheme Forum, the UK trade association for WEEE PCSs, and  Recolight is a member of  EucoLight, the European association of WEEE lighting compliance schemes.

The Recolight luminaire service for producers

 Lamp and luminaire technologies are converging with an increasing emergence of luminaires incorporating LED modules.

The supply of a LED luminaire will create lamp waste and luminaire waste, both waste streams need to be managed.

The move towards LED luminaires is driving a need for a more integrated approach to waste lamp and luminaire collection.

To support the demands of our existing members, new members and the changing market, we offer a combined WEEE compliance service for luminaires and lamps.

Giving you:

  • Total WEEE compliance for producers of all lighting products – lamps, luminaires, and controls.
  • Secure online Black Box portal to report put on market data.
  • On site free of charge collection of waste lamps and waste luminaires – subject to minimum quantities.

The Recolight luminaire recycling service for customers of members

  • Members’ customers can make one call to access free of charge waste lamp and luminaire collections – subject to minimum quantities.
  • Nationwide collection network for small quantities.
    Search the map to find one close to you.
  • Online booking for waste lamp and luminaire collections.


As of January 2019, Household luminaires are now in scope of the WEEE Regulations.

This means that manufacturers, importers and re-branders must join a WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) and comply with the same requirements that other sectors of the electrical industry have met since 2007.

Producers will need to:

  • put the crossed wheelie bin symbol on the product or packaging,
  • and record and report to their PCS the total weight of household luminaires sold each quarter.

With the introduction of Dual Use classification in 2015, business luminaires that could be used in both the home and commercially, were classified as household. With household luminaires now coming in scope, it means that all light fittings will now be covered by the WEEE Regulations.

A number of other products now in scope of the WEEE Regulations are light switches, plugs, sockets, and ceiling rose/lampholder sets.

Time line for WEEE compliance

  • 1 January 2019 – start to declare products put on market (to enable Government to set a target for 2020 collections). PCS membership and EA charges are the only costs incurred.
  • 1 January 2020 – recycling target will be set by Government. Recolight’s simple flat fee per kilo will apply from this date onward.

Recolight offers a straightforward approach to charging in contrast to the complexities of traditional WEEE schemes. The Recolight approach is to apply a flat fee per kilogramme based on actual in-year sales.

Unlike other compliance schemes, Recolight notify you of the rates in November for the following year.

This is simple to build into your budget and means Recolight Members do not need to be concerned about the consequences of market share, target changes, or the compliance fee. You have no hidden costs.

Classification of household luminaires

Household luminaires are light fittings that can be used in  a home  – or in a home AND commercially – referred to as dual use.

These include products like:

  • Chandeliers, pendant fittings sold with a shade, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps.
  • Spot lights used in kitchens/bathrooms.
  • Batten fittings used in garages/kitchens, as well as shops/offices.
  • Low wattage compact fluorescent type fittings which could be used as household amenity/bulkhead lighting and in bathrooms.
  • External flood lights used with or without motion sensor.
  • LED tape sold with a driver and power cables; the system works if you simply plug it into the mains supply.

The rule of thumb is that if the luminaire could be used in a home, then it is a household luminaire.

Download > Household luminaires and WEEE open scope – A Definitive Guide for Lighting Published by Recolight 2018

Download  > Join the WEEE scheme that sets the standard for lighting


To learn more email members@recolight.co.uk or talk to us on 020 8253 9750 option 2



A De Minimis threshold was introduced into the UK WEEE regulations in January 2014.

You are referred to as a small producer by the Environment Agency:

  • If you put less than 5 tonnes of EEE onto the UK market during the previous calendar year.
  • If you are new to the UK market with no put on market figures.

You may register with your Environment Agency as a small producer for a cost of £30/year, or join Recolight as an Associate Member.

Recolight Associate Membership

We recognise that there are benefits to small producers by remaining in a compliance scheme. With this in mind we have created an Associate Member option.

Luminaire Producers can join us for a flat one-off charge, whilst Lamp Producers would be charged per unit put on market.

With Associate Membership you can promote to your customers that you are part the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme; the scheme that manages the collection and recycling of more items of WEEE than any other PCS.

Your WEEE obligation as a small producer

All small producers still need to provide a collection and recycling service for their customers’ business waste in accordance with the non-household obligations laid down in the regulations.

As an associate member of Recolight you can be confident that you are meeting this obligation. Our members have used this to help win new business.

A company that registers directly with the EA as a small producer will not receive a market share based household obligation.

Growth in tonnes declared

If during the course of the year your tonnage put on market increases and crosses the five tonne threshold, then:

  • The regulations prevent you from being classified as a small producer.
  • You will be transferred from Recolight associate membership to full Recolight membership.
  • Your charges will be the standard Recolight rates for all lighting put on market after that date.
  • Recolight annual membership and annual Environment Agency charges will apply.


Recolight have over 170 lighting producer members who have helped fund the recycling of more LEDs, GDLs and Luminares than all UK WEEE compliance schemes combined.



Recolight will fulfil your WEEE recycling obligations on your behalf.

As a producer you are required to mark all EEE put onto market with the crossed out wheelie bin symbol, this is to ensure its separate collection at the end of its life.

The black line under the bin is used to identify products put on market after 2005.

Information must also be made available to recycling facilities in respect of new types of EEE put on the market.

Reporting to the Environment Agency

Your put on market data must be submitted to the environment agency. At Recolight this is done through a WEEE Black Box online reporting system.  It is called a Black Box because it is a secure system. This automatically calculates your monthly invoice.

Because reporting is per lamp put on market this means you have no hidden costs and can forecast what you will be charged each month.

A lighting WEEE Compliance Scheme working for the lighting Industry

Joining the Recolight scheme could not be easier. A simple phone call, or email to our office, and we will arrange a meeting at your premises. At this meeting we will guide you through the process of WEEE compliance and registration.


Adrian Willis



Your put on market data must be submitted to the environment agency. At Recolight this is done through a WEEE Black Box online reporting system, it is called a Black Box because it is a secure system. This automatically calculates your monthly invoice.

Monthly reporting

Each month you are required to advise Recolight of your placed on market units and their aggregated weight. An accurate declaration must be made between the first and fifteenth day of each month, following the month end.

Environment Agency rules for declaring are:

  • B2B All goods placed on market within any calendar year must be declared no later than 15 January of the year following.
  • B2C All goods placed on market must be declared quarterly.
  • If your company is declaring B2C, then regardless of unit quantity, you must declare these figures quarterly.

Annual confirmations

An annual confirmation is a confirmation of the information your company has supplied to us throughout the previous year, summarised on a single page document.

You carry out this process after the 16 January each year and have up until the 15 February to complete. It takes just a few minutes.

This is an EA requirement.

Annual Declaration of Compliance

The annual declaration process starts in September each year, and you have until the end of October to return to Recolight. All members are emailed and sent a document with questions; this must be printed, answered, signed by a director or senior manager and then scanned or posted to Recolight.

Please email us at members@recolight.co.uk to request a Black Box user guide.



Free rider definition

The UK regulations require all producers to join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS).

A free rider is defined as a person or a company who puts EEE Lamps on the market for the first time in the UK Territory (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), and who is not registered with a WEEE PCS.

Due Diligence statement

Recolight will exercise due diligence in verifying the information provided, and if there are reasonable grounds for believing that there is a valid case will submit a file to the relevant Environment Agencies’ Free Rider unit (the enforcement body).

Please note that Recolight is not entitled in law to receive any feedback of progress reports from the enforcement body.

Form for reporting the free-rider

Please fill in the company name, and address if known.



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