Record year for WEEE compliance Member growth

Recolight has seen that fastest member growth in 2015 since the start of operations. We were also the fastest growing PCS scheme in the UK in 2015.

At the end of each year a few members leave our scheme as they no longer need compliance. We started 2015 with 135 members and grew to 166 by the end of the year.

This is an incredible achievement for Recolight, with members joining us because we provide more than just compliance.

Recolight are active in lobbying the government to make sure any changes to the regulations are right for our members and the lighting industry. Because we specialise in just WEEE lighting, we fully understand the beneficial effects upon the environment. We will also survey our members and ask for how changes may affect them, and ask for our members to respond directly to consultations.

Dual use WEEE lighting classification explained at LIA Technical Forum

Presenting to the LIA Technical Forum

The LIA Technical Forum, held twice a year near Stratford-upon-Avon, is always a very useful event.  Attendees receive timely updates on many aspects of standardisation, legislation and technology changes as they affect the lighting industry.  So I was particularly pleased to be invited to talk on the impact of dual use WEEE on Lighting at the meeting on 1 July.


National lamp recycling target likely to increase

The Government has consulted on the national targets for household WEEE recycling, including the target for waste lamp recycling.  In 2014, the national target was 830 tonnes.  However, in its consultation, the Government has proposed increasing the target in 2015 to 2680 tonnes.  This is a significant increase, which in part is intended to allow for the fact that more business WEEE will be reported as household in 2015.


Dual Use – for a fairer WEEE system

The Government has announced that it intends to implement ‘dual use’ in WEEE recycling.  The key change will be to classify products likely to be used by both businesses and consumers as household. The effect of this change is to further improve the WEEE legislation, requiring a greater proportion of producers to take responsibility for their fair share of WEEE recycling.




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