Circular Lighting Live, Webinars, Training

If we consider a transition to a circular economy, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed at the scale of the task ahead of us, It would be easy to feel a sense of paralysis, where we ‘cannot see the wood for the trees’.
However, there are steps we can take immediately that will have a big impact on our sustainable footprint and, if we all did a little, it would add up to a lot.

Circular Lighting Live

The UK’s first major event dedicated to sustainable lighting

Organised by Recolight, the industry’s leading environmental compliance authority, and supported by LightingEurope and Defra, the event is part of the lighting industry’s journey to a low carbon, circular economy.

Circular Lighting Live powered by Recolight


The Circular Economy & Sustainability

Transformation to a Circular Economy is an essential requirement for manufacturing businesses. This will become ever more important as demand for resources rises, and energy costs increase.

Recolight Circular Economy webinars have been attended by lighting manufacturers, users, designers, specifiers, distributors, and contractors – the whole supply chain.

It has been encouraging to see both the appetite for more information, and the very practical issues that have been raised by our presenters and discussed by the panellists. The understanding of how our industry can really become sustainable is evolving – and that needs change right across the supply chain.

Recolight are encouraged to see the lighting industry taking steps to become more sustainable. It is a given that we produce light sources that are very energy efficient. Moving beyond that and adopting Circular Economy principles in how we manufacture those products will soon be a ‘must do’, and not just an ‘ought to do’.

Recolight webinar series for 2022


Lighting product design for a Circular Economy

Recolight are developing a series of training workshops for the lighting industry to help facilitate transition to a Circular Economy.

The first of our series covers the core principles of the Circular Economy for lighting, standards and regulations, and principles of good circular design.

Recolight workshops designed for lighting and the circular econom

Recolight are a member of the CPD Certification Service.
CPD accreditation will be submitted for webinars and training courses.