FREE recycling service


Recycling WEEE lighting

Recolight offer a FREE recycling service for waste lamps, in compliance with the WEEE regulations.  This is a FREE  service because we are funded by our Members, the lighting industry and operate as a not for profit WEEE  Compliance Scheme.

The Recolight free recycling service is provided for Recolight Producer Members, their customers and end users. Luminaire recycling is provided for our Producer Members’ non-household obligated waste.

We collect all lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations.

To date Recolight has recycled over 325 million lamps, this is more WEEE lighting than all UK Compliance schemes combined.

Recycling Batteries

Batteries aren’t currently classed as WEEE, but they are hazardous, and must be recycled responsibly. Recolight provide a  recycling service for batteries, which include battery containers and collection.

We offer comprehensive safety guidance to help with the storage and movement of batteries. Have a look at our pages for Managing your site

Recycling Electrical & Electronic Waste

Recolight provide a collection service for all electrical and electronic waste covered by the WEEE Regulations.

As a not for profit, we can offer this at a competitive cost. Giving you a complete WEEE service.


Are you a lighting producer?

You are classed as lighting producer if you:

  • If you import lamps into the UK,
  • manufacture in the UK,
  • or re-brand lighting products.

You need to be a member of a compliance scheme.
Please refer to our page for Compliance.


To be completed for service option 1, 2 or 3

Decide which service you need from those listed below, and then

Complete an application form   

We will contact you within five working days to discuss your application.


We make our lamp recycling service available in order to collect sufficient waste lamps to discharge our producer members’ annual lamp recycling obligations.  As tonnages collected may vary through the year, and obligations will change from year to year, we may either be open to accept new collection points, or may be at full capacity and unable to take on new collection points.

The free service is subject to minimum volume requirements, to ensure we collect waste in the most efficient manner.

SERVICE OPTION 01 – More than 1000 lamps in 3 months

If you collect over 1000 lamps in 3 months

  • We can provide you with a container, free of charge, and recycle your lamps free of charge too.
  • You will be added to Recoweb, our collection booking system.
  • If you are a wholesaler, you can choose to have an open collection point for all your customers.
  • Open collection points are added to our collection point map, for new customers to find you too.

Complete an application form

SERVICE OPTION 02 – Less than 1000 lamps in 3 months

If you collect less than 1000 lamps in 3 months:

  • You can lease a Recolight container.
  • Collection and recycling is free.
  • If you are an electrical wholesaler, you could use this option and advertise FREE lamp collections for your existing and potential new customers, We can add your collection point to the Recolight map.

Complete an application form

SERVICE OPTION 03 – One off – Adhoc collections

For relamp projects and sites that do not generate regular large quantities of lamps:

  • We provide one off collections for quantities of over 1000 lamps.
  • We provide containers on a short term lease.

Complete an application form


Luminaire collection is a free service for Recolight Members’ obligated waste. Minimum requirements apply. The initial request must come from the Recolight Producer Member.

A paid service is available for non obligated waste. Please email for more information.

OR > Complete an application form

Recolight also has an open network for small volumes of luminaires.

Have a look at the Recolight map to find one close to you.


A free service for Recolight Producer Members’ obligated waste. The initial request for collection must come from the Recolight Producer Member.


Recolight provide skips large scale roll outs of LED Luminaires and LED street lighting. This helps to keep the waste fittings secure and your site tidy.

Minimum requirements apply. To learn more email  


  • Recolight collection points are located at electrical wholesalers across the UK.
  • Call the contact number listed for the collection point to check they have space for your lamps!
  • Complete a consignment note, without this you may be charged for the Wholesaler to complete on your behalf.
  • Refer to our section The Paperwork for help to complete consignment notes.

Have a look at the Recolight map to find one close to you.

Obligated Waste

As outlined in the WEEE Regulations

The WEEE Regulations state that Non-household waste is obligated to Recolight when a Recolight Member supplies new product which displaces old product on a like for like basis, and where the waste was originally supplied before 2005.

There will be no crossed wheelie bin symbol on the product. Non-household waste is also obligated to Recolight  when a Recolight member’s products which bear the crossed wheelie bin symbol reach end of life. In both situations, the holder of the waste does not have the right for a free collection from business premises.

Recolight has a duty to set up a system to receive waste:

  • For lamps – this is the Recolight open network of waste lamp collection points.
  • For luminaires – Recolight has established a network of 80 waste luminaire collection points.

Recolight has a duty to finance the recycling of waste delivered into this system.

Recolight provide a collection service for the customers of our Producer Members,  going beyond the legal requirements of the WEEE Regulations.

Recolight extra_WEEE recycling and batteriesELECTRICAL WASTE COLLECTIONS

More than just lighting

Recolight provide FREE recycling service for lamps. We can do this because we are a not for profit company, funded by our Members in the lighting industry.

For a small competitive cost, we collect and recycle general WEEE  and batteries too – providing you with a complete WEEE service.

WEEE collected by Recolight

  • T.V’s, VCR & Camcorders
  • Computer monitors, printers, faxes
  • Light fittings: luminaires, lighting equipment
  • Power tools, garden tools, small lawnmowers
  • Small household appliances
  • IT, telecoms equipment, cables, connectors
  • Electronic games, toys, sports equipment
  • Mobile phones, recording equipment, cameras
  • Monitoring & control instruments, medical devices

Battery Recycling

Recolight offer a service for small portable batteries.

Due to the fragile nature of batteries, we also offer extensive guidance for their storage and transportation.

GO TO >  Managing your site 

Recolight do not collect:

  • Batteries containing potassium hydroxide,
  • Batteries that require ‘activation’ (eg by adding a liquid before use) to allow them to function.

To sign up for electrical and battery recycling, please contact our customer service team on 020 8253 9750.