Recolight have containers for lamps, batteries, light fittings and small electrical items.

Recolight Containers

If you collect 1000 lamps every three months, Recolight provide a free container, collection and recycling.

If you collect less than 1000 lamps in three months,  you can still benefit from our free collection and recycling by renting a container from us.

The RB19, RC and RPB containers are designed for the storage of waste Gas Discharge Lamps and LEDs included in scope of the WEEE regulations pending collection for recycling.

The RPB can also be used for storage of  small electrical items.

Please note:

  • Batteries and lamps must be removed from luminaires and placed in a separate container.
  • All containers must be free of packaging.
  • Lead time of six to ten working days, so please don’t wait until you can fit no more lamps in.

Have a look at the section on  managing your site. Where you’ll find guidance on the correct storage for lamps, luminaires, electricals, and batteries

DOWNLOAD > Recolight containers for lamps batteries luminaires and electricals


Recolight RC containers

    • For transporting lamps between sites.
    • For indoor storage only.
    • Each container will hold between 40 to 100 tubes.
      This is dependent the diameter of the tube.



Recolight RB19 

Must be stored on a non-permeable surface and the lid secured.

  • Delivered flat packed with instructions for simple assembly.
  • Front drop flap for easier user access to the container and to minimise lamp breakage.
  • Return collar above the base to increase rigidity of the container, ease transport, collection and stacking.
  • Removable tray to ensure encapsulation of the waste and provide secondary bunding.
    • The tray is to be fitted on set up and not removed.
  • Signage on the outside detailing what the container is for and safety information.

RB19 container for waste lampsPDF guides to download

>  Recolight RB19 container assembly instructions

Recolight guidance for correct use of RB19 waste lamp container


Skips for luminaires & street lighting

Skips are provided for

  • Large LED luminaire roll out projects
  • Street lanterns

Please note, this is a service for Recolight Producer Members’ obligated waste.


The RPB container

For just lamps, but also suitable  for small waste electrical items.

The waste must not be mixed and all batteries must be removed and placed in the battery drum.
Please note, the colour of container may vary.

Battery Containers

By accepting delivery of the battery container, you hereby acknowledge you have read, understood, and comply with Recolight guidance for handling and storing waste batteries.


30l battery drum

Battery box