Recolight lamp drop off points

Find your nearest drop-off point for business and consumer waste lamps.

This explains

The FOUR different types of collection points.
The type of lighting you can take to each point.
The paper work needed for business lamps and fittings.

If you have a question contact us here, or call Recolight on 020 8253 9750
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For household waste light bulbs, you can find your closest recycling location on the Recycle Your Electricals website

For business waste lamps, email customer service at
In you email, include your postcode and number of lamps – we will get back to you with your closest drop off points.
You must complete a consignment note for all business waste lamps, regardless of the quantity.

Kind regards , Recolight Team


Consumer Collection Points

For: recycling household waste light bulbs
Type: Compact fluorescent bulbs and compact LEDs only (low energy)

Notes for consumer recycling:

  • The Recolight Bulbstore  Maxi is for compact household lamps only.
  • Household fluorescent tubes may be taken to your local council recycling centre.
  • No business waste to go into these containers.
  • All waste light bulbs should be placed inside the container.

Please Contact us to report a full household container.

Commercial Collection Points

RB19 Business Waste Collection Point
 Recycling commercial waste lamps ONLY
Type: Business waste lamps
Found at: Commercial Recolight network collection points


  • Dropping off lamps at all Recolight collection points is free.
  • Phone the collection point in advance to check they have room in their container.
  • You must complete a consignment note for all lamps.

EMR luminaire collection points


Fittings only – all lamps & batteries to be stripped

You must:

  • Phone the site and book in your delivery.
  • Quote Recolight ref. LREC074 on single drops.
  • OR quote unique Recolight ref. for large projects.
  • Complete a consignment note and take with you.

Remove all lamps from luminaires and store in separate containers