Remanufacturing Lighting Products

Joining the Sustainability Revolution | A practical workshop showing how to implement a remanufacturing process

A new trend is emerging in the Lighting Industry

Businesses are increasingly asking for existing lighting products to be upgraded or remanufactured. This trend is driven in part by the need to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of a building. Keeping the original luminaire, rather than replacing it, typically results in an embodied carbon saving of at least 50%. And with an increasing number of building owners and users now looking for net zero buildings, that saving has big impact.

As more organisations seek to put in place tangible plans to address their contribution to the climate crisis, reducing embodied carbon will become an ever more important element in purchasing criteria.

Remanufacture is also a great example of how to put circular economy principles into practice. Reusing the housing keeps all those materials in use for a second life. It also avoids unnecessary recycling, which is itself an energy intensive process.


Remanufacturing Lighting Products is an in depth one day workshop.

Presented by lighting product designer Simon Fisher, who also sits on the BS8887:221 committee, the workshop will guide attendees through all aspects of setting up a remanufacturing service, including key design principles for the LED light source, compliance testing, and the use of BS8887:221.

The course may also be booked as an in-house, single company event
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remanufacturing lighting products WORKSHOP


Roundtable environment for a maximum of 12 delegates; giving the opportunity for full interaction, feedback, and questions for each topic.

Learning objectives
To discuss the design criteria, regulations, and standards to help lighting manufacturers offer a lighting remanufacture service.

Who should attend?
The workshops are intended for Technical Managers, Design and Engineering Managers, Quality Managers, Compliance Engineers, Sustainability Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, and any others that influence product design.

Agenda for the day

  • Why we should consider Remanufacturing and Reuse.
  • How other industries are adopting Remanufacturing.
  • Standardisation – review of the upcoming BS8887:221 standard
  • The Remanufacturing process.
  • The different approaches to take.
  • Lighting Industry Case studies.
  • The pitfalls to avoid.
  • How to engage with the supply chain and customers.
  • Engaging OERs (Original Equipment Remanufacturers).
  • Reuse of lighting.
  • How to source and specify.

The full agenda will be announced at the end of April 2024


Thursday 27 June

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020 8253 9750 option 2


Business Design Centre

Islington, London.


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Simon FisherSimon Fisher, Founder & Director of F Mark
With extensive experience, Simon Fisher is a renowned and multi-award-winning lighting product designer who has successfully delivered solutions for OEMs all over the world. He is the Founder and Director of F Mark, a design consultancy specialising in the design, development and engineering of lighting products and associated systems.

Knowledge transfer and continuous development are one of the cornerstones of Simon’s ethos and he has participated in numerous webinars about sustainability and the circular economy, subjects that he is very passionate about

Simon has previously delivered seminars and webinars on a wide range of topics relating to lighting, product design and engineering. He is a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting and sits on technical committees relating to circular economy and remanufacturing of lighting which include:

  • LIA Technical Committee for the Circular Economy
  • CENELEC Working Group 2 – Ecodesign
  • BSI Drafting Committee – BS8887 for lighting manufacturer


Previous workshops looked at lighting product design for a circular economy. The lighting industry is now fully embracing this concept. Read what our past delegates had to say…..

“Both the presentation and associated discussion were engaging, informative and thought-provoking. The workshop provided a great snapshot of the general state of circularity in the lighting industry today, and the challenges and possible solutions for designing to improve that situation.”
Mustanir Ali, Certification Manager,  BSI

“With Circular Economy being such a fundamental part of our future, it’s important our industry collaborates to make change happen. Thank you to Recolight & F Mark for a valuable workshop, bringing together like minded businesses and helping to navigate the way forward.”
Leighton James, Product & Marketing Director, TRILUX Lighting Ltd

“A great, informative workshop that de-mystified a lot of the industry’s movement towards a Circular Economy. The mix of delivered content and open discussion made for a truly productive day.”
Graeme Stears, Technical Manager, LightGraphix

“A very informative and worthwhile day! Although the topic is massive in its importance and complexity it was delivered in a very logical, practical and thought provoking way.”
Gary Dettmar , Head of Architecture, TRILUX Lighting Ltd