Recolight have committed to be net zero carbon by 2030. We aim to reach this ambitious goal by addressing logistical, recycling and other operational activities, without using carbon offsets.

Recolight is the first WEEE scheme to make this commitment. This commitment covers scopes 1,2 and 3.

An independent environmental contractor assessed our baseline 2019 carbon footprint, and we then monitor our progress towards our target on an annual basis.

There will be challenges in reaching this goal, but Recolight are totally committed to the process and the outcome.

Recolight’s Net Zero Actions

Several actions are already underway to achieve our net zero goal.

Collection and delivery for lamps: Offering additional containers to our collection partners, thus reducing the number of visits needed to collect. Investigating trial of an electric mobile crushing vehicle..

Collection and delivery for luminaires: Reducing the distance travelled by using recyclers closer to the collection point.

Lamp treatment: The Recolight tender for lamp treatment now includes additional areas for assessment.

  1. Adaptation: space heating/cooling, energy source, energy efficiency measures, plastics, no distillation of powders.
  2. Mitigation: preparation for flooding, power failures, heatwaves, superstorms etc.

Luminaire treatment: Recolight are leading an  industry working group on net zero for the WEEE sector.

Influencing: Recolight’s plans for net zero were presented to EucoLight members at the annual conference in May.

Recolight’s Net Zero suggestions for regulators

    • Net zero plans to be a condition of Producer Compliance Schemes  approval for annual Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) license.
    • All AATFs required to have reuse capability.
    • Separate reuse targets and/or material incentives to meet collection targets using reuse.
    • Energy recovery of plastics without carbon capture storage should not count towards targets.
    • Extend time limits for WEEE collection under S2 waste exemption and Non Waste Framework Directive exemption .
    • Tackle the destruction of brand new, compliant product.