Recolight want to make it as easy as possible for a Donor to hand over surplus products to third-parties who can put the products to good use. Helping manufacturers to free up valuable warehouse space and allow surplus stock to have another life.

The Reuse Hub is operated as not-for-profit by Recolight; Recolight are simply the facilitator. It is designed solely for lighting products: luminaires, lamps, lighting equipment, lighting components & controls.

The Reuse Hub has been designed to be intuitive for the end user. But, a handy user guide is available for you to download.

Reuse hub for lighting in the UK

Contract terms

When donors supply product to recipients via the reuse hub, it is helpful to agree terms with the recipient.

To aid this, Recolight engaged legal advisors who have prepared suggested contract terms,  these were drafted with pro bono support from Squire Patton Boggs (UK) LLP

The Terms of Donation template is intended to ensure the producer liability associated with any supply of product is minimised, consistent with legal obligations.  Donors and recipients are free to make alternative arrangements.

DOWNLOAD | Terms Of Donation Template
reuse hub contract terms

Liability and Warranty

Any contract for the donation of Products is made separately between the Donors and Recipients or Remanufacturers.
Recolight does not review information provided in relation to Products or carry out any vetting in relation to Products or information provided in relation to them.
Recolight does not give any warranty, guarantee or commitment in relation to Product.

Reuse Hub Liability and Warranty

The Recipient or Remanufacturer shall:

  • Carry out all necessary due diligence in relation to the Products;
  • Be liable for all Products from the point at which it takes delivery of such Product from the Donor; and
  • As soon as reasonably possible after it has received the Products, carry out all tests required by law to ensure the Products are safe for their intended use and to ensure that the Products are compliant with law.

Please note that we do not verify the accuracy of any materials provided by third parties (including Donors, Recipients and Remanufacturers)

VAT implications

The Donor does not have to account for output tax when giving them away as this is not a supply for consideration.

Refer to >  VAT: detailed information Notice 700/7  from GOV.UK 

“2.14 Disposal of goods
Where goods have been withdrawn from sale because they have reached the end of their economic life (for example the use-by date has been reached or the goods are damaged) and the choice is to donate or destroy them, they can be regarded as no longer an asset of the business and the disposal is not to be treated as a supply for consideration.”


  • Can I be a Donor and a Recipient?

Yes, you can, you need to register as both.

  • Will we have to pay a fee to use the system?

The system is currently free to use.

  • Who will pay for the logistics of transporting the product from Donor to Recipient?

Transport costs will be agreed between Donor and Remanufacturer.

  • Is the system available for the donation of any type of product?

The system has been designed solely for lighting products: luminaires, lamps, lighting equipment, lighting components & controls.

  • How many donations can an organisation receive?

There is no limit.

Reuse Hub FAQs