Introducing the Recolight Reuse Hub

Recolight’s development of the Reuse Hub shows the company’s commitment to encourage and facilitate reuse in the lighting industry.

The Reuse Hub is a lighting digital marketplace.

  • A platform to promote the donation of new and used lighting products and equipment.
  • A responsible and effective exercise for avoiding waste, reducing recycling, stimulating reuse as well as responding to the climate emergency.

Avoiding unnecessary recycling for lighting

Many manufacturers hold unsold stock; surplus new lighting taking up valuable warehouse space and decisions to discard this stock are often made at short notice.

Currently, very few used luminaires are reused. Some are in very good condition before removal and therefore a lot of the value and embedded carbon is lost if they are recycled.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you, as a potential Donor to hand over surplus and used products to third-parties who can put the products to good use.

At Recolight, we recycle, but as we move towards a Circular Economy model, recycling is not always the best solution. Recolight is under a legal obligation to prioritise reuse over recycling, so we need to facilitate and encourage reuse.

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The Reuse Hub user login is for registered users.
To register as a Donor, Recipient, or Remanufacturer,
please follow the links below.

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The Reuse Hub is the first of its kind for facilitating the donation, reuse, and remanufacture of lighting products:

  • luminaires
  • lamps
  • lighting equipment
  • lighting components & controls

Preventing unnecessary recycling, and giving a new lease of life to lighting products.


The Reuse Hub is for lighting manufacturers, remanufacturers, specifiers, end users, and more. Organisations of all types can be Applicants.

It has been designed to give as many organisations as possible access to reuse and remanufacturing.

  • A Donor makes their product available on the hub.
  • Recipients will be notified when surplus stock is available.
  • Remanufacturers will be notified when used stock is available.

Using the Reuse Hub is completely free of charge for Donors, Applicants, and Remanufacturers.

Reuse Hub for Donors

A Reuse Hub Donor could be :

  • Manufacturers who sell lighting products
  • Resellers of lighting products
  • Lighting refit contractors,
    including CAT A and or CAT B fit-outs
  • End users
  • Wholesalers

Reuse Hub for Recipients

A Reuse Hub Recipient could be a:

  • Manufacturer
  • Charitable Organisation
  • Not for Profit Organisation
  • Cultural Organisation
  • Educational Facility
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Reuse Hub for Lighting Remanufacturers

Recolight collects more than 1000 tonnes of light fittings each year.

  • Many are fluorescent fittings.
  • Some LED fittings.
  • Many are collected from large scale projects.
  • And large numbers of identical fittings are removed.

Currently, few are reused, although some are in very good condition before removal.

Registering has a Remanufacturer will give you access this used stock. You will receive a notifications when it becomes available on the Reuse Hub.



  • Prior to donation, the product should be in storage or at the Donor’s facilities.
  • The Donor approves a donation.
  • The availability period of the product is decided by the Donor.
  • Transport costs will be agreed between Donor and Recipient/Remanufacturer.
  • If you wish to be a Donor and a Recipient, you need to register as both categories.

A Recipient is notified when surplus stock is available.

Whereas a Remanufacturer is notified when used stock is available.

In principle, there isn’t a maximum number of donations that an organisation can receive over the course of a year.

Contact us

If you have questions about the Recolight Reuse Hub, please complete the form below

Alternatively, you can speak to the team on 0208 253 9750,  option 2

OR email

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