Recolight provides WEEE compliance & recycling for all WEEE lighting


We were established by the UK lighting industry in 2005 primarily for the purpose of operating a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Compliance Scheme on behalf of lamp producers in the UK.

Our operating model is based upon one developed by the European Lamp Companies Federation (ELC) - a European Trade Association for lamp manufacturers - although the implementation is different in each country, reflecting the different national implementations of the WEEE Directive EC2002/94.

The WEEE Regulations require producers of EEE and their compliance schemes to finance and put systems in place for the treatment - including recycling - of separately collected WEEE.

We received scheme operator approval on 21 February 2007 and went live operationally on 2 July 2007.

Through us, the lighting industry alone has been responsible for collecting and recycling more items of WEEE than any other sector.


Recolight has set a target to be net zero carbon by 2030.  The target will cover all Recolight’s operations.

Recolight is already committed to limiting the environmental impact of the services we provide.  But now we want to go much further.  Although recycling activities are undoubtedly beneficial for the environment, they still come with a carbon cost. We want to change that.

A recycling service can produce significant carbon benefits.  For example when aluminium is recycled, that avoids the need to extract the metal from bauxite, a process that is very energy intensive.  However, a collection and recycling service also incurs material carbon costs, particularly when waste is transported from collection point to recycler.

Dealing with the transport carbon will be particularly challenging.  In our next tender for transport services and treatment services, due at the end of this year, 25% of the evaluation points will be awarded for robust plans and actions towards achieving net zero.

wherever possible, we will avoid carbon offsets and similar creative carbon accounting.  We need a root and branch change of the way we operate.  That will probably only be possible if others in the WEEE and recycling industries also play their parts.


Our Vision

To become the UK’s recycling compliance scheme of choice, by expanding on our expertise gained in the lighting sector, driven by our care for our customers and the environment.

Our Mission

Will expand the range of services we offer to meet the growing needs of our Members and customers.

Continually review and seek to limit the environmental impact of the services we provide.

Update our Members and customers with clear guidance on compliance.

Provide a long term, sustainable solution for the collection of waste mercury containing lamps.

Encourage legislators to implement and enforce regulations that deliver the right outcomes for the environment.

Work proactively and respond quickly to requests from Members and customers.

Maintain robust financials for future recycling.

Our Values

We act with Integrity
We are open, transparent, and we always seek to do the right thing.

Specifiers should work the WEEE system to get waste lighting recycled free of charge

We set the standard by listening to our customers, monitoring legislation, and building creative solutions.

Generous with our knowledge
We are informative, helpful, and give honest impartial advice.

Our team has a wealth of experience. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to delivering the best service to our customers.

As a Member-owned, not-for-profit organisation we treat our Members and customers with fairness.

We drive change internally – in how we work; and externally – in how we support our Members, customers and the environment.


Provide a producer compliance scheme which meets its Member's obligations under the UK WEEE regulations.

Register lamp, LED and luminaire producers who have obligations under the WEEE Regulations as scheme Members.

Finance and manage the separate collection and treatment of waste gas discharge lamps, LEDs and luminaires in an environmentally sound manner.

Prevent all WEEE lighting from entering landfill, by going above and beyond our strict legal obligations.

Interface with the appropriate authorities representing scheme participants' views and interests.

Assist government bodies in the development of the WEEE Regulations and similar environmental interest legislation.

Provide information to all interested parties, including distributors and end users, as to best practice concerning lamp recycling procedures and encourage the development of an effective collection network for end-of-life lamps prior to shipment to the recycling plants for treatment.

Provide the UK's most comprehensive lamp recycling service to drive up the lamp recycling rate. Lamp recycling rates in the UK have grown faster than any other waste electrical equipment category, from 19% in 2008, to 48% in 2018.

Increase the WEEE recycling rate for separately collected luminaires. In 2012 the collection rate was just 1%. This was far too low. Recolight put in place strategies to increase this rate and in 2017 it was up to 7.5%!


Shortlisted for Waste or Recycling Project of the Year


Recycling & waste management SME business of the year Shortlisted for 2013 EEE Recycler of the year 



Nigel Harvey awarded Lux person of the year


Waste management award


in association with Let’s RecycleBronze and Silver award


Recolight are members of a number of organisations, all working together to get the WEEE regulations right for lighting.


Recolight is a founder member of EucoLight, an important new organisation for WEEE compliance schemes in Europe that focuses on WEEE lighting. Lighting schemes now have a face and voice in Brussels. EucoLight will help to ensure that any changes to WEEE legislation at the EU level are right for the lighting industry.

Recolight’s CEO, Nigel Harvey, is one of the four EucoLight board members. That means that Recolight is always at the forefront of legislative regulatory change for WEEE lighting.


LIA is the trade association for the lighting industry. LIA’s primary purpose is to promote and develop the UK lighting market for the long term benefit of its members and all other stakeholders.

As a member, Recolight works closely with LIA, helping to ensure that all key organisations working in the industry receive consistent advice and guidance on WEEE.


Recolight is a guest participant in the Joint Trade Associations (JTA).  The JTA comprise nine of the UK’s main trade associations representing the electrotechnical industries, including LIA, EEF, AMDEA, and TechUK.  As a result, the JTA represents the overwhelming proportion of UK EEE Producers.  The JTA has worked hard to support the implementation of a fair WEEE system in the UK

Electrical Contractors Association – ECA

The ECA works with regulatory bodies, government and opinion formers to build an efficient and sustainable industry, based on high standards of training and practice. Through representation and lobbying, the ECA actively leads on key issues including safety, training, qualification and technological development.

The ECA fully support Recolight, and recommends to their members  that they join the Recolight collection network.

All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (APSRG) 

Established in 1995, the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (APSRG) is the leading forum informing the debate between parliamentarians, business leaders and the sustainable resource community.

The Group’s mission is to provide an objective platform for effective communication between policy-makers, businesses and organisations with an interest in the sustainable resource management agenda and to raise awareness of sustainable resource issues within Parliament. The APSRG organises a regular programme of focused parliamentary events, conducts detailed policy research projects and provides in-depth parliamentary monitoring and analysis to its associate member organisations and parliamentarians.

Recolight are also members of

CENELEC working group, DEFRA WEEE Standards committee, Lighting Europe WEEE working group, ICER.

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, is chairman of the WEEE Scheme Forum.


Recolight is run by a professional and industry experienced team who are uniquely qualified to provide specialist recycling services and advice for all lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations.


Nigel Harvey
Chief Executive


Amel Gharbi
Operations Manager

Suzanne Castine Recolight marketing manager

Suzanne Castine
Marketing Manager


Adrian Willis
Membership Development Manager


Lyndsey Tweddle
Customer Service Manager