Recolight was set up by the lighting industry to provide WEEE compliance for the lighting industry.

WEEE compliance with Recolight

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Building on our expertise gained in the lighting sector and driven by the growing needs of our Members, we offer total compliance for all Electronic and Electrical Equipment,  and batteries too.

  • Recolight take on the  responsibility of our Producer Members’ WEEE compliance,
  • Giving their customers access to the UK’s most
    comprehensive free lamp & luminaire collection and recycling service,
  • Ensuring that as many GDLs, LEDs and luminaires as possible are kept out of landfill.
  • To date, Recolight has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires than all UK WEEE compliance schemes put together.
  • We are funded by our Members as a not-for-profit organisation, with all funds used towards maximising recycling.

The WEEE Regulations state that:

“Producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) are responsible for financing and ensuring the disposal of end-of-life products in an environmentally sound way arising from both household and non-household users.”

If you put a product in scope of the WEEE regulations onto the UK market you are classed as a producer.

This applies to all companies who:

  • Manufacture and sell electrical and electronic equipment under their own brand.
  • Resell, under their own brand, equipment produced by other suppliers.
  • Import electrical and electronic equipment on a professional basis into an EU Member State. This includes imports into the UK from other EU member states.

If you put on market more than five tonnes in the previous calendar year you must join a compliance scheme which will meet your WEEE responsibility for you.

A lighting WEEE Compliance Scheme working for the lighting Industry

setting the weee standard for lightingAs a Recolight Member you can be confident that you are joining the scheme that has no hidden costs; charging is per unit or kilo put on market which means you can forecast what you will be charged each month.

You can be assured you will get the best advice from Recolight; the specialist, not for profit, lighting scheme for all business and household lighting. We fully understand the way WEEE impacts lighting and act to minimise the impact of this to your business.

Recolight is active in lobbying to make sure that the WEEE regulations and associated legislation are right for the lighting industry and its customers.

Recolight operates in a radically different way from other WEEE schemes. Most schemes with a lighting obligation simply buy lamp recycling evidence to meet their obligations. Instead, at Recolight we offer the customers of our Members a free of charge recycling service for business lamps an luminaires*. For our Members, that means the additional benefits for their customers are material. It moves WEEE from simply a compliance function, and into a value added solution.

We can help you with recycling lamps and luminaires across Europe, making sure you meet your obligations under the WEEE Directive. We have a dedicated customer service team managing over 750 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month. And a UK wide network of over 3200 collection points giving our Members and their customers access to FREE recycling.

Recolight attend the Lighting Europe WEEE Working Group and are embers of the CENELEC and BSI WEEE standards committees. The Recolight CEO is Chairman of the WEEE Scheme Forum, the UK trade association for WEEE PCSs, and  Recolight is a member of  EucoLight, the European association of WEEE lighting compliance schemes.

Join Recolight

Joining the Recolight scheme could not be easier. A simple phone call, or email to our office, and we will arrange a meeting at your premises. At this meeting we will guide you through the process of WEEE compliance and registration.


Join the WEEE scheme that sets the standard for lighting

Getting WEEE right for lighting since 2005


Recolight have over 180 lighting producer members who have helped fund the recycling of more LEDs, GDLs and Luminares than all UK WEEE compliance schemes combined.

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