Recolight service level agreement


Helping you stay compliant

There are environmental, health and safety regulations in place to control the risks associated with the storage and management of hazardous waste.

The Recolight Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been written to make sure that you and Recolight comply with the Duty of Care requirements set out by the UK’s four Environment Agencies, and to keep your service free.

Keeping your service free

To avoid unnecessary charges please:

  • Tell us of access restrictions to your site and your site opening times – this must be done at the time of booking your collection on Recoweb.
  • Arrange your permits and exemptions from your Environment Agency.
  • Look after your containers and provide safe and secure storage.
  • Only collect lamps included in the WEEE Regulations.
  • Stack your lamps to avoid breakage, and in compliance with health and safety standards.
  • Remove all packaging from lamps; containers are for lamps only, not paper, cartons or other hazardous waste.
  • Book your collection on Recoweb, our collection booking system.
  • An RB19 container holds 250kg, to ensure you have the optimum weight book you collection when your container is 90% full.

You will be charged for:

  • A failed collection.
  • Less than 200kg of waste lamps.
  • Excess contamination and broken lamps in your container.
  • Lost or stolen container.
  • Excess waiting time.

Collection point audits

The Recolight service level agreement states that we may carry out inspections and audits of your collection point, we do this  to confirm that all terms in the SLA are being met and to help with your compliance.

You may also be audited by the Environment Agency.


Recolight service level agreementThe WEEE Regulations Duty of Care requires you to cause no harm to the environment from the

  • production,
  • storage,
  • transportation,
  • and disposal

of all Waste Electrical and Electronic products.

The Duty of Care applies from the point of production of your waste through to it’s treatment.

Helping you meet your Duty of Care obligations

Recolight help you meet your Duty of Care obligations by offering guidance on:

  • MANAGING YOUR SITE – all you need to know about collection and storage of WEEE.
  • THE PAPER WORK –  guidance for completing consignment notes, details of required exemptions and licences for storage and transportation.

The Recolight Service Level Agreement is designed to help you comply.

Recolight’s Duty of Care

Recolight uses Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF) for the recycling of all WEEE collected. This is a facility which has the appropriate authorisations and approvals to carry out treatment of WEEE, as set out in WEEE Regulation 60.  AATFs are able to issue evidence of WEEE treatment and recovery. This evidence is required by Producer Compliance Schemes to show that they have met their obligations under the WEEE Regulations.