About the Black Box

Recolight Members’ put on market data must be submitted to the environment agency. At Recolight this is done through a WEEE Black Box online reporting system, it is called a Black Box because it is a secure, partitioned system. This automatically calculates your monthly invoice.

Black Box Reporting timelines

Monthly reporting

Each month you are required to advise Recolight of your placed on market units and their aggregated weight. An accurate declaration must be made between the first and fifteenth day of each month, following the month end.

Environment Agency rules for declaring are:

  • B2B All goods placed on market within any calendar year must be declared no later than 15 January of the year following.
  • B2C All goods placed on market must be declared quarterly.
  • If your company is declaring B2C, then regardless of unit quantity, you must declare these figures quarterly.

Annual confirmations

An annual confirmation is a confirmation of the information your company has supplied to us throughout the previous year, summarised on a single page document.

You carry out this process after the 16 January each year and have up until the 15 February to complete. It takes just a few minutes.

This is an EA requirement.

Annual Declaration of Compliance

The annual declaration process starts in September each year, and you have until the end of October to return to Recolight. All members are emailed and sent a document with questions; this must be printed, answered, signed by a director or senior manager and then scanned or posted to Recolight.

Please email us at to request a Black Box user guide.