Recolight provide WEEE compliance for producers of lamps and luminaires, managing your WEEE responsibility on your behalf.

We go beyond our strict legal obligations by providing a recycling service for all business lamps and luminaires* in scope of the WEEE regulations. This service is free for our Producer Members and their customers.

You can promote your membership of the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme to your customers; the scheme that has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires in total than all other UK schemes put together.

*Minimum quantities and Recolight’s Fair Use Policy apply.


About your membership

  • Your annual put on market data will be automatically collated through the WEEE Black Box.
    This is transferred to the EA in full compliance with the WEEE regulations.
  • Reporting is per unit put on market which means you have no hidden costs and can forecast what you will be charged each month.
  • You have confidence that your WEEE compliance is properly and professionally handled.

Giving you more than just WEEE Compliance

  • We can provide a recycling service at your site for you and your customers to use.*
  • We will update you with information regarding changes to the UK’s WEEE regulations.
  • We will lobby on your behalf to make sure the WEEE regulations are right and fair for lighting.
  • A dedicated customer service team managing over 750 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month.
  • UK wide network of over 3200 lamp collection points; giving our Producer Members and their customers access to FREE recycling.
  • We are committed to increasing the recycling rate of lamps and luminaires.

*Subject to minimum requirements.

WEEE Compliance
for Household luminaire producers

Household luminaires are in scope of the WEEE Regulations.

This means that manufacturers, importers and re-branders must join a WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme and comply with the same requirements that other sectors of the electrical industry have met since 2007.

With the introduction of Dual Use classification in 2015, business luminaires that could be used in both the home and commercially, were classified as household. With household luminaires now in scope, it means that all light fittings are covered by the WEEE Regulations.

A number of other products now in scope of the WEEE Regulations are light switches, plugs, sockets, and ceiling rose/lampholder sets.

Recolight offers a straightforward approach to charging in contrast to the complexities of traditional WEEE schemes:

  • The Recolight approach is to apply a flat fee per kilogramme based on actual in-year sales.
  • Unlike other compliance schemes, Recolight notify you of the rates in November for the following year.
  • This is simple to build into your budget and means Recolight Members do not need to be concerned about the consequences of market share, target changes, or the compliance fee.
  • You have no hidden costs.
household luminaire

Classification of household luminaires

Household luminaires are light fittings that can be used in  a home  – or in a home AND commercially – referred to as dual use.

These include products like:

  • Chandeliers, pendant fittings sold with a shade, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps.
  • Spotlights used in kitchens/bathrooms.
  • Batten fittings used in garages/kitchens, as well as shops/offices.
  • Low wattage compact fluorescent type fittings used as household amenity/bulkhead lighting & in bathrooms.
  • External flood lights used with or without motion sensor.
  • LED tape sold with a driver and power cables; the system works if you simply plug it into the mains supply.

The rule of thumb is that if the luminaire could be used in a home, then it is a household luminaire.


To learn more, please email the Recolight Member Team or talk to us on 020 8253 9750 option 2