You are referred to as a small producer by the Environment Agency:

  • If you put less than 5 tonnes of EEE onto the UK market during the previous calendar year.
  • If you are new to the UK market with no put on market figures.

You may register with your Environment Agency as a small producer for a cost of £30/year, or join Recolight as an Associate Member.

Recolight Associate Membership

We recognise that there are benefits to small producers by joining a compliance scheme and have created an Associate Member option.

Luminaire Producers can join us for a flat one-off charge, whilst Lamp Producers would be charged per unit put on market.

With Associate Membership you can promote to your customers that you are part the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme; the scheme that manages the collection and recycling of more items of WEEE than any other PCS.

Your WEEE obligation as a small producer

All small producers still need to provide a collection and recycling service for their customers’ business waste in accordance with the non-household obligations laid down in the regulations.

As an associate member of Recolight you can be confident that you are meeting this obligation. Our members have used this to help win new business.

A company that registers directly with the EA as a small producer will not receive a market share based household obligation.

Growth in tonnes declared

If during the course of the year your tonnage put on market increases and crosses the five tonne threshold, then:

  • The regulations prevent you from being classified as a small producer.
  • You will be transferred from Recolight associate membership to full Recolight membership.
  • Your charges will be the standard Recolight rates for all lighting put on market after that date.
  • Recolight annual membership and annual Environment Agency charges will apply.

To learn more, please email the Recolight Member Team or talk to us on 020 8253 9750 option 2