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Recolight – celebrating a decade of success

Recolight, the leading UK WEEE compliance scheme for lighting, this month celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

In the past decade, Recolight’s milestones have evolved alongside those of the lighting industry and WEEE regulations.

Recolight’s CEO, Nigel Harvey noted:

“The last 10 years have seen a number of positive developments in the UK. There has been a focus on making the UK WEEE system fairer, and more sustainable. Recolight’s success is a testament to the impact of these positive developments. The support of our Producer Members has enabled us to recycle more lamps, LEDs and luminaires than all other UK WEEE compliance schemes combined, since the WEEE regulations took effect”.


Recolight celebrates a milestone 200 million lamps recycled

Recolight celebrates a milestone 200 million lamps recycled

Recolight, the leading WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, has reached a major milestone, its Members having funded the recycling of 200 million lamps, luminaires and LEDs since 2007. This is enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall seven times.

Recolight is unique amongst WEEE compliance schemes in the UK for having the only dedicated open collection point network for consumer and business waste lamps and LEDs. With 2,300 collection points, the Recolight network contributed to a significant increase in the UK’s lamp recycling rate – up from 23% in 2008 to 52.8% in 2013.




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