Bertie Bulb on mission to inspire low-energy light bulb recycling in Devon

The low-energy light bulb on a high energy mission to recycle, Bertie Bulb, is in the spotlight again as he returns from his latest adventure in Devon.

Bertie Bulb, the mascot of light bulb recycling specialists Recolight, has been visiting towns in Devon to remind residents that they can recycle their energy-saving light bulbs thanks to a partnership between East Devon District Council (EDDC), town councils and recycling specialists Recolight.

Bulbstore minis (Recolight’s smaller collection containers) have been placed in the offices of various town councils and in the reception at EDDC’s main offices at Knowle in Sidmouth.

Research has shown that recycling rates for low-energy light bulbs would be higher if it was easier for consumers to do so. Recolight is committed to increasing recycling rates by providing easy and convenient recycling facilities for all. In the last few years, Recolight has worked in partnership with Homebase, Robert Dyas, Sainsbury’s and several local authorities to provide 800 more locations where householders can take their low-energy light bulbs for recycling. Previously the only option for consumers was to travel to a Local Council Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC), of which there are 1,100 across the UK.

Suzanne Castine, Marketing Manager at Recolight, said, “At Recolight, we realise that recycling facilities have to be convenient for people to use them. We are pleased with the partnerships we’ve established so far, working with retailers and local authorities to provide more places to recycle. Waste Management Officers, Louise Bennett and Steve Joyce, have been instrumental in raising awareness throughout Bertie Bulb’s latest tour in Devon, which thanks to them has been a great success.”

In accordance with the WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) Regulations, all low-energy light bulbs need to be recycled when they reach end- of-life. As traditional light bulbs are gradually phased out, low-energy versions will become more common in homes, and as they contain a small amount of mercury to produce light efficiently, they can be harmful to the environment if sent to landfill.

The new recycling locations across East Devon are in :

  • Axminster
  • Budleigh Salterton
  • East Devon Business Centre
  • Knowle, Sidmouth
  • Exmouth
  • Honiton
  • Ottery St Mary
  • Sidmouth

Full address details can be found on the East Devon council website

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