Avoiding unnecessary recycling for lighting

At Recolight, we recycle, but as we move towards a Circular Economy model, recycling is not always the best solution.  That’s why two new services specifically prioritise reuse over recycling.

The Re-use Services for lighting

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Enabling re-use and re-manufacture

Recolight collects more than 1000 tonnes of light fittings each year.

  • Many are fluorescent fittings.
  • Some LED fittings.
  • Many are collected from large scale projects.
  • And a large numbers of identical fittings are removed.

Currently, virtually none are reused, although some are in very good condition before removal. Much of the value is destroyed by recycling.

About the service

We collect data on product to be removed during Recolight Producer Member projects to identify those that may be reusable (probably a minimum of 100-200 identical fittings).

That data can be provided to potential remanufacturers which can include the original producer of the product, on a first come, first served basis.

The fittings will then be delivered free of charge basis to the remanufacturer in the UK.  The remanufacturer takes ownership and responsibility for product thereafter including compliance.

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Surplus new lighting _Recolight reuse service

Putting unsold new lighting equipment into service

Many manufacturers hold unsold stock which takes up valuable warehouse space and the decision to discard is often made at short notice. This service is to avoid unnecessary recycling and waste by offering surplus stock to be put into service.

We make it as easy as possible for a manufacturer (donor) to hand over new lighting equipment that they will no longer offer for sale. This could be ex-demonstration stock, unsold stock, or returned stock in “as new” condition.

About the service

The service matches unsold stock with potential recipients. New stock is collected free of charge by Recolight from Recolight Producer Members (donors).

Recolight Producer Members will be given access to an online inventory portal to upload product details, including:

  • As much product detail as possible.
  • Confirmation, to the best of your knowledge, without liability, that the product is compliant with the required standards/legislation that existed when it was first placed on the market.

If a recipient is not available immediately, Recolight may store the stock free of charge.

Potential recipients (which could include charities, voluntary sector, schools and others) will be given access to the portal to view products available and request stock. Recipients will:

  • Take full responsibility for compliance and warranties, based in part on donor declaration.
  • Pay for transport to their sites.
  • Undertake to de-brand/unambiguously label product to show that the recipient is regarded as the Producer.

To get involved, please contact us