To make it easier for the customers of Recolight’s Producer Members, Recolight do not ask for proof of payment for the streetlight luminaire installations that generate waste needing to be collected and recycled.

Recolight collect 100% of the waste lanterns arising from street lighting depots where your luminaires make up a significant majority of the new fittings being installed.

We do this by simply asking you to verify that the company asking for the collection is a customer of yours.

Street Lighting Recycling with Recolight

This approach ensures that our collection process operates in as smooth and easy a way as possible for your  customers.

There is no need to wait for a scheduled collection. You can request collections when they are needed.
Recolight’s nationwide logistics partners operate several hundred collection vehicles, providing a fast and efficient service.

A free recycling service for Recolight Members and their customers

Street lighting and luminaires collection is a free service for Recolight Members’ obligated waste. Minimum requirements apply. The initial request must come from the Recolight Producer Member.

A choice of containers are available, including the added convenience of skips for larger sites.
To use the skip service, you will need to fill at least one 12-yard skip per month. If you don’t have the volumes to do this, we have a pallet bag option.

Recolight provide a chargeable service for non-obligated waste; luminaires supplied by a Producer who is not a Member of Recolight.

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