Bio-plastics for luminaires A Recolight Webinar

Bio Plastics for Luminaires

Bio-plastics for luminaires Recolight Webinar


Do bio-plastics stand up to scrutiny as a material for luminaire housings, components and optics? In this special webinar, our speakers explore plastics made biological substances and look at the technical challenges in using them in the lighting industry.

The panel will look at 3D printing with bioplastics as well as the opportunities with post-consumer plastics.

We will hear from:

The webinar is chaired by Ray Molony.

As with all Recolight Webinars, they are free to attend, just follow the link to register.
Slides will be shared with all who register, and a recording will be posted on the event page for all who can’t make it.



20 Jun 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Head of content for Build Back Better Award

    An award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.

    Ray Molony is the editor of the Circular Lighting Report, a Recolight initiative to inform the market of developments in sustainability in the industry. He’s also head of content at the Build Back Better Awards, an initiative to celebrate and reward environmental leadership, innovation, creativity and social purpose in the built environment, and the editor of Designing Lighting Global, a magazine for designers. He was co-founder of Lux magazine and the LuxLive exhibition. He’s also the award-winning author of the acclaimed book, Light: Re-Interpreting Architecture (Rotovision, 2014) which was translated into many languages. He studied engineering at Dublin City University.

  • Jamie Norris Green
    Jamie Norris Green
    Founder, LumiAdd

    Jamie Norris Green is an award winning designer with 15 years experience in the lighting industry. He’s been working with 3D printers for the past 10 years, designing and developing his own range of decorative luminaires whilst also working as a lighting design consultant on global projects with some of the worlds most famous architects.

  • Mark Shortland
    Mark Shortland
    Managing Director, Shoplight

    Mark has been in the retail lighting sector for more than 20 years in a sales management role and, in 2014, co-founded a retail lighting business, Shoplight.

    Shoplight are showing true-innovation, using 3D printing and bioplastics to create products that are extremely sustainable when compared to traditionally manufactured aluminium products. They are a Certified B Corporation, working hard to do no harm while being a successful, profitable business.

  • Julien Vassieries
    Julien Vassieries
    CEO And Founder, Batch.Works

    I have been passionate about how to produce things differently. How additive manufacturing can bring production back to where the demand is. Making circular economy a reality using the latest advanced technology to achieve it. I have founded Batch.Works to tackle this mission, leading the way for sustainable, localised and circular additive manufacturing. We are currently based in London UK and have a production site in Amsterdam.

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