Circular Lighting Report

Lighting designer and sustainability pioneer Kevan Shaw

In this special Circular Lighting Report video short, editor Ray Molony talks to sustainable lighting design pioneer Kevan Shaw, founder of EFLA Kevan Shaw Lighting Design.

He’s been encouraging his clients to reuse fittings since 2011, when luminaires were refurbished rather than replaced at Tanfield in Edinburgh.
However, he believes that there’s a lack of understanding about environmental metrics across the board, especially with sales teams.
And they are not being properly trained as to what this is about.

“The next big problem is to get everybody throughout the supply chain understanding what the circular metrics and carbon metrics are.
I think part of our role is to encourage people to provide the right metrics. It’ll be a while before there’s enough data in the stream, enough people providing that to be able to make really high-value decisions based on those things.”

Ray Molony

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