End-of-life luminaires: Taking our responsibilities seriously | a panel discussion

end of life luminaires - December 2020_Recolight Panel discussion

In the second Recolight online discussion we explored the options for luminaries at the end of life. We need to look for ways to extend their life through reuse, refurbishment, extended warranties, & leasing business models. And no longer see them as a single life product.

 discussions and sharing of knowledge are vital if we're to address our responsibilities as an industry-Ray Molony


How do we truly make lighting a part of the Circular Economy’?

  • What happens to light fittings when they’re removed from a ceiling?
  • If we’re lucky, the luminaires are recycled. If we’re not, they end up in a skip.
  • Could they be reused, repurposed, upgraded, returned to original manufacturer?
  • How do we maximise the sustainability of the products we make, sell, and specify?

Our panel of industry experts will discuss how these opportunities can become a reality for the lighting industry.

End of life luminaires_December 2020_The panel for Recolight webinar

Thank you to all who  joined and for your contribution.



The first Recolight panel discussion was held on Friday 6 November.

Are replaceable light sources, drivers and other components the best route to a Circular Economy for the lighting industry?

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