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Rachel Hoolahan ‘Why can’t lighting manufacturers warranty other brands?’

Architect Rachel Hoolahan challenges some of the norms of the lighting industry in this video discussion with Circular Lighting Report editor Ray Molony.
“Why can’t lighting manufacturers warranty someone else’s system?” Asks Hoolahan, associate at leading London architectural practice Orms.

“Why is your system so different to someone else’s? It’s not really. If they’re all lights being designed to similar ISO standards, then why can’t you know your competitor’s product as well as somebody else? So in theory you could be taking back their lights and then just charging more for that warranty because you’re putting your parts inside it”

With Cat A fit-outs, Hoolahan believes lighting brands should be offering a take back service. “Manufacturers should be coming in and taking back those Cat A [lights]. Let the client donate them to you. You are getting perfectly brand new lights. They haven’t even been turned on yet. And take them back and reuse them. Don’t send them for recycling, please reuse them.”

Ray Molony

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