Lighting’s replaceable future | Panel discussion

Luminaire design for a circular economy

Is the return of replaceable light sources, drivers and other components the best route to a Circular Economy in the lighting industry?

In the first Recolight online debate, our panel discussed if interchangeable parts will truly deliver the sustainability gains.

The discussion followed on from the three Lighting & the Circular Economy webinars hosted by Recolight this year. In each webinar we discussed different aspects of the Circular Economy for lighting in which many questions were raised…

  • the design of luminaires and lighting equipment,
  • the upcoming Eco-design regulations,
  • and a sustainable business model for manufacturers in a changing world.

On the panel


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Luminaires at end of first life_December 2020_Recolight Panel discussion

Thoughts from the panel….

“Policies across Europe are looking to deliver a circular economy with the introduction of mandatory design, performance, and environmental requirements. Sustainability is one of four pillars of LightingEurope’s work, the lighting industry has acknowledged its potential to deliver value to people and for the industry.
What we care about is getting it right, striking a balance between mandatory requirements, innovation and entrepreneurship to deliver products and solutions that people want, and a level playing field.”
Ourania Georgoutsakou

“I am interested in removing the recycling label and providing a more practical perspective to the re use of LED luminaires and components. It is important that the message to clients reflects the opportunities of LED re use and luminaire upgrades.”
Dave Tilley

“The adoption of a true circular economy model across the Lighting Industry will be as revolutionary and transformative as the LED revolution of the past decade. In the same way that the LED revolution was driven by energy regulation in Europe, circular economy principles will be included in forthcoming product regulations. All the stakeholders in lighting need to understand the possibilities and realities of circular economy theory and turn this into sustainable practice before well meaning regulators create a minefield of difficult and costly requirements which may not even achieve the environmental gains possible from circular economy principles.”
Kevan Shaw

Sustainability has to be a key focus and it should be considered from every angle so that we get it right first time.  I am delighted to  be part of this discussion, to learn, to share and plan for the future.
Helen Loomes

“The pressure on producers to manufacture lighting equipment as sustainably as possible is inevitably going to increase.  Pressure will come from new standards, legislation, and increasingly from customers and specifiers.  That makes it so important that we understand what sustainability looks like in a lighting context.”
Nigel Harvey

The mission for everyone in lighting who cares about the environment and wants to play their part in ensuring the future of the planet has to be through the implementation of positive actions and engagement by delivering tangible environmentally considered solutions. With end to end thinking from ‘Circular design first time’, via renewable power and materials manufacturing, through first life servicing capabilities and on to re-use, re-purposing and parts harvesting. Responsible manufacturers are at the core of changing stakeholders relationships  with lighting and the way we provide, use and encourage all parties to be engaged with our products in an inclusive way for positive change.
John Gorse  

Replays for Lighting and the Circular Economy webinar series

If you missed our webinars, listen to the replays and download all the slides….

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