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Making a success of luminaire reconditioning and reuse

One-day CPD conference

Held on Thursday 27 April 2023

 Clients, both corporate and public sector, are warming to the concept of reconditioned lights to achieve both sustainability goals and cost savings. And now tenders are beginning to emerge which specify the reconditioning and reuse of luminaires in a project.

In this special one-day conference, we looked at the opportunities and the challenges, and equip and inspire you for your remanufacturing journey!

Presentations delivered taught us how to

  • Sell the concept of reconditioned lights to your customers.
  • Develop best practice sustainable policies and procedures.
  • Comply with the relevant standards such as BS8887.
  • Set up a testing and compliance regime for reused luminaires.
  • Remanufacture light fittings at scale.

The event was a unique opportunity to:

  • Get inspiration from outstanding real world projects which prove that remanufacturing can be a success for manufacturers, clients and the planet.
  • Meet key players and potential partners in the emerging remanufacturing industry.
  • Network with specifiers with the power to get your products into projects.
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