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Trilux supplies lights for wooden building initiative

Trilux supplies lights for wooden building initiative

Trilux has teamed with a manufacturer of reusable wooden buildings in a deal that will see its SO-Tube LED luminaire included included in the structures.

The company is collaborating with with a Berlin-based start-up called Urban Beta which makes environmentally responsible buildings using recyclable wooden modules.

Their building, dubbed the BetaPort, is a modular system where a property of up to three storeys can be swiftly erected, complete with all necessary connections and utilities, from electricity to water. These sustainable wooden structures boast a lifespan comparable to traditionally constructed brick buildings, lasting up to 150 years.

Once a building reaches the end of its useful life, its elements can be easily disassembled with minimal emissions.

These components can then be either reused in new constructions or have their materials entirely recycled. This groundbreaking approach decouples building and depreciation cycles from the durability of the components, resulting in significantly reduced environmental impact.

Trilux is supplying its SO-Tube LED whose tubular industrial design harmonises with the aesthetic of wooden architecture.

Additionally the luminaires can be reused after the disassembly of a building, aligning with the circular principles of the wooden modules.

A notable project is the Leipzig International School. Over 80 per cent of the modules used in the school had already been used in other projects.

The building is considered a ‘flying construction’ in terms of legal regulations, allowing it to be used for up to six months without a traditional building permit.

Earlier this year Trilux unveiled the E-Line NEXT LED, a luminaire made from recycled materials s and designed to be easily reused and recycled at the end of its life.

The linear light – which was nominated for a Build Back Better Award for its circularity and sustainability credentials – features an efficacy of up to 190 lm/W and life of 70,000 hours, representing a 61 per cent improvement in environmental performance over its predecessor.

An imaginative packaging and transportation system, known as the LED

shuttle, has dramatically reduced the need for cardboard and Styrofoam. It has already saved 9.7 tons of Styrofoam and 95 tons of cardboard.

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