Q3 lamp recycling data could lead to higher WEEE costs

The latest lamp recycling data was released by the Environment Agency at the end of November.  This shows that 4141 tonnes have been collected up to end September 2016.  If collections continue at the same rate to the end of the year, the national target would be missed by around 1000 tonnes.READ MORE >

Recolight are pleased to have been instrumental in the establishment of the new WEEE PCS Balancing System, or PBS.

Most Local Authority household waste recycling centres collect WEEE.  And under WEEE regulation 34, a Local Authority can require any PCS to make a WEEE collection, from any site in the UK, subject to certain conditions.  The availability of regulation 34 is good news for Local Authorities – it is the mechanism included in the 2013 WEEE regulations which ensures an LA can always get their WEEE collected for free.READ MORE >


Recolight encourages Local Authorities to return commercial waste lamps to HWRCs

Recolight currently collects waste lamps from a significant proportion of the UK’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).  The company is today writing to all its Local Authority Partners, to confirm that they may choose to deposit waste lamps from commercial sources in Recolight containers.  These could include schools, offices, leisure centres and similar.

This change should result in significant cost savings to Local Authorities, as they may well be charged for such commercial waste lamp collections, whereas collections from HWRCs are free of charge.




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