2019 EucoLight Conference adopts positions on eco-modulation and online non-compliance

EucoLight conference 2019 CopenhagenHigh on the agenda for the EucoLight annual conference this month were non-compliance of product sold through online marketplaces, impact of open scope and eco-modulation of WEEE fees.

The 4th EucoLight annual conference held this year in Copenhagen was attended by 70 delegates from 19 lighting WEEE compliance schemes. External speakers providing additional  insight and debate were; Joe Papineschi (Eunomia), Maximillian Kling (Ramboll), Christophe Roeland (European Commission DG GROW), Alexander Goldberg (EWRN), Malte Becker (AiDUP consultancy) and Emmanuel katrakis (EuRIC).

Key outcomes from discussions

Online non-compliance remains a major issue to be tackled   A legislative solution must be put in place to avoid the sale of non-compliant products through online marketplaces, putting compliant operators at a competitive disadvantage. The EucoLight preferred solution is that online platforms are regarded as the ‘producer’ of all products for which they facilitate, by whatever means, the import or entry into the Member State territory.

Strengthening compliance with EU product rules is essential –  Christophe Roeland from the European Commission presented  new legislation on market surveillance and compliance of products (the “Goods Package”). This defines useful tools that reinforce the ability of national enforcement authorities to take action.

Relevance of eco-modulated fees for lamps questioned – the modulation of WEEE fees paid by producers are intended as an incentive for producers to design products that are better for the environment. EucoLight members concluded that the eco-modulation of fees will be ineffective in the lamps market. Existing Eco-design requirements, and powerful market forces are already having far more effect at driving producer and consumer behaviour, as they move from fluorescent to LED lamps.

Better harmonisation of EEE scope in lighting– The conference agreed to adopt pan-European definitions of a lamp for WEEE purposes. These definitions  had been developed by EucoLight and LightingEurope.



About EucoLight

EucoLight is The European association of collection and recycling organisations for WEEE lamps and lighting.  On behalf of its 20 members, EucoLight engages with everything related to the WEEE Directive, legislation and standards affecting the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting. EucoLight members collect and recycle, in aggregate, 80 % of the lamps waste collected in the 19 countries in which they operate.

EucoLight is the voice of European WEEE compliance schemes specialised in managing the collection and recycling of WEEE lighting; working to make the circular economy a reality for lighting products.

Founded mid-2015, EucoLight has quickly embarked into constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders to provide expertise in the field of management and treatment of WEEE lighting and to promote the positive role of Extended Producer Responsibility schemes on the environment and society.

For more information, visit the EucoLight website www.eucolight.org, follow EucoLight on Twitter @EucoLight or contact the Secretary General, Marc Guiraud (marc.guiraud@eucolight.org).

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