Bertie Bulb lighting the way at the Lord Mayor’s Show

bertie bulb at lord mayors show

Bertie Bulb, a low-energy light bulb on a high energy mission to recycle, will be highlighting the need to recycle low-energy light bulbs at the Lord Mayor’s Show taking place this Saturday November 9th in the City of London.

Bertie Bulb is the mascot of the UK’s leading lamp recycling specialist Recolight, and works to raise awareness of the fact that low-energy light bulbs contain mercury and so need to be recycled when they reach end of life. Bertie Bulb has been invited to participate by the City of London Corporation which will be showcasing its dedication to the environment with a float entirely devoted to recycling. One of the most well established annual events in London, the Lord Mayor’s Show is a public parade to celebrate the inauguration of the new Lord Mayor, who is appointed every year. With only two years to go before its 800th anniversary, the 2013 procession promises to be a spectacular event. It has over 7,000 participants, with 21 bands, 150 horses, 23 carriages carts and coaches, and hundreds of other vehicles, from steam buses and fire engines, to giant robots and bathtubs. Earlier this year the City of London Corporation installed specially designed Recolight containers where old low energy light bulbs can be recycled by residents in the City’s 6,000 residential properties and over 300,000 office workers who commute daily to the City. The seven publicly accessible containers are located at seven convenient sites across the Square Mile of the City. Working with local authorities like the City of London Corporation as well as retailers, Recolight now has over 800 collections points across the UK where members of the public can drop off their old low-energy light bulbs.

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