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Cathedral lights are upgraded in mobile workshop

St Giles Cathedral lighting

The luminaires at Saint Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh have been upgraded on site using a mobile lighting workshop.

The chandeliers – which used traditional light sources with halogen technology – were refitted with LED technology by engineers from Stoane Lighting in a truck converted for the purpose.

The company has been working on the illumination of the building with the designers of the scheme, dpa lighting consultants, since 1999. It includes 24 bespoke chandeliers.

In 2023, a carefully planned project to upgrade the halogen light sources and control system was initiated.

Stoane’s design department worked on the retrofit solution using a chandelier from site and archive technical drawings. Prototyping, testing and pre-assembly was carried out in factory conditions before a team of engineers worked on-site in the ReNew mobile workshop. The chandeliers were removed one by one and rebuilt alongside lighting for all other areas in parallel. The team reused as much of the existing metalwork as possible.

Significant energy savings were made as well as dramatic reductions in maintenance requirements. Similarly, new control opportunities were introduced by incorporating new DALI and wireless control capability.

Crucially, thanks to Stoane Lighting’s mobile capability and close coordination with client and contractor, the work was carried out with minimal disruption to the cathedral’s operations and completed well within the anticipated timeframe.

In 2021, Stoane Lighting’s ReNew service won prestigious Build Back Better Platinum and Green Awards for its contribution to sustainability. ReNew’s intention is to avoid the disposal of luminaires when there is likely an opportunity to refurbish.  Stoane Lighting takes old fittings and upgrade them with the latest LED, driver and optics while retaining the product’s robust mechanics.

ReNew is possible due to flexibility in Stoane Lighting’s luminaire design. This includes multiple fixing holes, ample leeway with mechanical space and thermals.

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