How to be a sustainable lighting manufacturer Recolight webinar 2022

How to be a sustainable lighting manufacturer

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How can companies tackle the responsibility of the carbon footprint they generate while making luminaires? What measures can help them reduce their impact on the climate? What are the priorities, the ‘quick wins’ and real challenges?
We bring together a range of experts to advise on the best way to take your journey to ‘net zero’.

Introduction and industry update from Ray Molony

Doubling its positive impact of society and the environment – The ambition from the sustainability leader Signify | Juliette Gaussem, Head of ESG Reporting, Signify
Outlining how sustainability is integrated into Signify’s strategy and how they will double their positive impact on the environment and society through the Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 program. With the UN Sustainable Development Goals as strategic compass, how do they ensure that the entire organisation is engaged to reach their sustainability goals.

Sustainability in lighting: a manufacturers perspective | Dave Barnwell, Managing Director, Holophane Europe Ltd
Holophane explores sustainability in lighting as part of their EarthLIGHT initiative. Outlining some of the practical steps it takes for manufacturers to achieve more environmentally friendly operations, products and services.

Making sustainable luminaires | Roger Sexton, Business Development at Stoane Lighting
Stoane Lighting’s route to general carbon neutrality has been covered in a previous Recolight webinar by Dave Hollingsbee. In this presentation we will pick up on the critical element of evidence-based embodied carbon calculation. Only via continuous carbon analyses on our products, suppliers and procedures can we measure any claim to be a sustainable lighting manufacturer. CIBSE’s TM65 will be discussed leading to an introduction of complete LCAs.

What does a sustainable lighting manufacturer look like? | Jon Estell, Spectral Brand Manager, RIDI Lighting Ltd
Responsible light is RIDI Lights trademarked ethos for sustainable manufacture. Its split into 5 categories of Sustainability, Ledification, Smart Lighting, Design Standards and Well Being. For this short presentation we will look at sustainability from our factory perspective and show examples of low impact production, good design practice and encouraging reuse before recycling.

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24 Mar 2022

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  • Juliette Gaussem
    Juliette Gaussem
    Head of ESG Reporting at Signify

    Juliette Gaussem is the Head of ESG reporting at Signify where she leads the sustainability reporting process and manage internal and external engagement and reputation. Prior to this role, Juliette worked for a French start-up focusing on maximizing social impact and became a sustainability reporting expert at GRI where she led the GRI Guidance and Practice unit. Her main expertise is multi-stakeholder consultation, ESG and corporate sustainability strategies. Juliette holds a Master in Management from the Reims Management Business School (France) and the International Business Linkage Program Degree from Aalto University (Finland). She was born in Paris (France) and now lives in Amsterdam.

  • David Barnwell
    David Barnwell
    Managing Director, Holophane

    After years as a Managing Director, David has acquired a range of skills including project and business management, team building, process design and development. This has included the preparation of product design and documentation for multiple disciplines, and the use of lean manufacturing techniques to achieve cost and time savings. David’s experience in previous roles was invaluable when creating new products that were not meeting customer requirements but now exceed them. This is due to his broad knowledge base and ability to adapt to the needs of others within an organisation. The ability to see projects through from idea to final implementation has been a key strength

  • Roger Sexton
    Roger Sexton
    Business Development at Stoane Lighting

    Roger has worked in the industry since 1988 for two companies: Philips and Xicato. He has held various positions including within a lighting application laboratory generally defining, trialing and spreading awareness of technical product specifications. He is a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting. Roger joined Stoane Lighting in 2020.

  • Jon Estell
    Jon Estell
    Spectral Brand Manager, RIDI Lighting Ltd

    Jon Estell studied 3D Product Design at Ravensbourne College of Design and as part of the second year course they ran a competition to design an architectural light product. This is where the seed was planted for a career in the lighting industry that spans over 25 years. Jon has been involved with some of the worlds most prestigious lighting projects, recently being presented with a Guinness Book of Record for the largest hanging light fitting in the world. He has recently run a lighting course at Ravensbourne and is a passionate advocate for good lighting design “you can always instinctively tell if lighting was an integral part of a building’s
    design ethos”.

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