Great Repeal Bill

Last week, the UK Government published The Great Repeal white paper which described the way in which it plans to implement the laws required to make Brexit take effect.  One of the key approaches uses the so called “Great Repeal Bill”.  It might be more accurately called the “Great Re-enactment Bill”.

This act will seek to bring onto the statute book all the environmental (and other) legislation that would otherwise cease to have effect once brexit takes effect.   In itself, this is a huge task, and it will take a vast amount of resource in drafting and reviewing legislation.  Once this is complete, and brexit is finalised, the Government has said they will then start the process of consulting on the amendment of legislation.

The Government has said it is committed to ensuring we become the first generation to leave the environment in a better state that we found it.

Impact of Brexit on WEEE

The possible impact of Brexit on WEEE and other similar legislation is not yet clear.  However, it is widely recognised that the current administration see producer pays legislation, such as WEEE and batteries, as a blueprint to addressing a number of other waste related problems.

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