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Industry responds to draft standard for remanufacturing

Remanufacturing - Eulum Design reconditioned Erco luminaires for Heatherwick

The lighting industry has broadly welcomed the draft standard for remanufacturing of luminaires and begun giving its feedback.

British Standard BS8887-221 is in public consultation until Wednesday 17 July 2024 and will be published in February 2025.

The aims of the new document are to standardise terms, establish accepted practices throughout the sector and sett minimum testing and compliance expectations. By doing so, it enhances clarity for specifiers and the industry, ensures a universal process for remanufacturing, and guarantees quality and reliability through rigorous testing and compliance measures.

The standard has been three years in the making.

‘Remanufacturing creates green jobs, reduces embodied carbon emissions and reduces waste,’ said Nigel Harvey, CEO of lighting industry environmental compliance authority Recolight. ‘It increases the value of the materials we already have and reduces need for extracting new materials.

‘It changes design attitudes and incentives for new products, and thus helps enable circular business models.

‘Remanufacturing can also keep the ‘story’ of used materials across place and time. It can save cost as well as improve light quality.

‘Remanufacturing keeps materials in both local and national circulation and strengthens local supply chains.’

The standard has been drafted by the TPR/1/7 Technical Product Realisation committee, which comprises many prominent industry executives with interest in sustainable lighting.

This British Standard specifies the process of remanufacturing luminaires within the framework of manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing (MADE). It emphasises the need for remanufactured luminaires to be supported by robust technical documentation, testing and compliance assessment.

It addresses disassembly and end-of-life processing, following which, luminaires and/or components might be returned to use for a subsequent lifecycle.

This British Standard is intended to be used by the stakeholders that are involved at any stage of the remanufacturing process, including end users.

Picture: Eulum Design remanufactured over 90 Erco spotlights at the Heatherwick Studio in London.

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