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Ledvance unveils a circular lighting brand

Ledvance Everloop

Ledvance has introduced a sub-brand responsible for its sustainability initiatives called Ledvance Loop.

This model covers all efforts and measures across the company to help transform the lighting industry and improve its green credentials.

Ledvance Loop also contains circular products under the EverLoop series.

EverLoop luminaires have replaceable LED light sources and drivers.

The company says that the replaceable nature of EverLoop products maximises the lifespan of a luminaire and simultaneously eliminates the disposal of complete luminaires, contributing to less electronic waste.

The first available model of the series is the Ledvance Linear IndiviLED Generation 2, offering both direct and indirect versions with on/off or DALI options, respectively. The range includes CRI90 and UGR<19, and is aimed at commercial and office applications.

‘EverLoop is our answer to the challenge of going from a linear to a circular product lifecycle for luminaires, contributing to the EU’s plan to reduce electronic waste,’ Nuno Paiva, head of professional portfolio management at Ledvance, told the Circular Lighting Report.

”The key feature of EverLoop luminaires is that critical components, such as the light sources and the electronic drivers, are conveniently upgradeable or replaceable, with available spare parts.

‘That makes the luminaire everlasting. In the future, we intend to integrate this feature into more of our luminaire series to save material and minimise waste.’

The company says that the IndiviLED range will be expanded in spring 2024 with further types in black and accessories to create a complete lighting system.

Ledvance says that 96 per cent of the total global warming potential is generated during the use phase of a luminaire, caused by the emissions from electricity generation needed to operate the luminaires.

But because LEDs have become so efficient and are beginning to hit physical limits, a paradigm gain can’t be made with efficacy.

Ledvance says its research shows that the biggest improvement potential in the dominating use phase is the intelligent control of the luminaires based on presence detection and daylight sensing.

A generalised 25 per cent reduction of the use phase’s global warming potential is possible with one of these energy saving functions and 45 per cent is possible with a combination of both.

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