Lighting Workshops: Facilitating remanufacturing and quantifying the benefits

Recolight Workshop logo Remanufacturing LightingA new series of workshops to help lighting producers access the growing market for the  remanufacture of lighting has been announced by Recolight. The intensive training workshops will give attendees the information they need to be able to set up a remanufacturing service in the UK – or to procure one from a subcontractor.

An increasing number of specifiers and major purchasers are now prioritising the remanufacture of luminaires.  But the large number of lighting manufacturers currently unable to provide such a service cannot take advantage of this fundamental market change.

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Designed and hosted by lighting product designer, Simon Fisher of F Mark, topics covered include:

  • A deep dive into BS8887:221 (the BSI standard for remanufacturing lighting products).
  • Assessing suitability of used luminaires for remanufacture
  • Upgrading fluorescent fittings to LED
  • Onsite upgrades vs in-facility upgrades
  • Managing compliance of the finished luminaires
  • Liabilities, warranties, and managing customer expectations
  • Carbon Footprint vs Carbon handprint
  • Case studies & Common pitfalls

The workshops are intended for technical managers, design and engineering managers, quality managers, compliance engineers, sustainability managers, marketing managers, product managers, and any others that influence product manufacture and design. They are a roundtable environment with a maximum of 12 delegates, giving the opportunity for full interaction, feedback, and questions for each topic. Places are available for Thursday 27 June, in London, with more dates to be announced.

Delegate feedback from previous Recolight workshops:

“A very informative and worthwhile day! Although the topic is massive in its importance and complexity it was delivered in a very logical, practical and thought provoking way.” Gary Dettmar , Head of Architecture, TRILUX Lighting Ltd

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remanufacturing lighting products A Recolight Workshop 2024 (800 x 255 px)



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