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Meet the luminaire made of wood, wool and hemp

Lightly Butterfly

An innovative luminaire made from  wood, wool and hemp is ‘challenging traditional luminaire design’ by omitting diffusers.

Instead, US firm Lightly uses two light sources aimed at an arch finished in highly reflective eco-friendly paint to deliver a low-glare glowing illumination without needing plastic diffusers. It says this method delivers 100 per cent direct optical distribution.

Butterfly materialSince there are no diffusers, the light distribution is created by the internal shape—the profile—of the fixture itself. Its Butterfly fixture has the internal shape of a butterfly, and it creates a butterfly/batwing distribution.

The Butterfly fitting is also the world’s first commercial LED luminaire with a fixture housing that is free of metal, plastic and glass, according to the company.

The material in the Butterfly luminaire is 95 per cent biodegradable, 3 per cent recyclable and a mere 2 per cent goes to landfill.

Butterfly delivers an 80 per cent indirect / 20 per cent direct distribution with a distinctive open-web optical profile finished in highly reflective matte white eco-friendly paint.

‘Our design process started with the creation of a sustainable material library and laboratory where our engineers could play with the most sustainable materials available,’ says Lightly. ‘Then we start to shape new materials into familiar solutions.’

Lightly Butterfly photometrics

The LED engines are concealed from viewing from below, reducing glare and creating a unique open-air experience.

Lightly uses poplar for its products’ fixture bodies, wool felt for its gaskets, wood for its end caps, and beech dowels.

Lightly products are assembled by hand to reduce energy consumption, and are designed with the fewest number of components to accelerate the assembly process. The wood paints and finishes are VOC-free, and all packaging is recyclable.

‘Every single other lighting product in all of the world right now has plastic and metal in it,’ says Lightly’s general manager Benjamin Rapkin. ‘We’re trying to show the industry that it’s unnecessary for most lighting to have those materials, and that those materials should only be reserved where they’re absolutely needed.

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