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Nano optics ‘a step change’ in luminaire sustainability

Nano optics used in lighting

he advent of nano optics can lead to a step change in sustainability by driving up lumens-to-weight ratio of luminaires.

That’s the view of Czech optical specialist IQS Nanoptiqs which says its pioneering technology can lead to light fittings which are slimmer, lighter and use less energy yet have the same light distribution as bulkier rivals.

The firm has just launched a modular kit, the IQ System, which it says allows a typical commercial luminaire to weighs less than 135 g per meter yet deliver over 20 lumens per gram of luminaire weight.

The IQ System consists of three components: a reflector for primary light shaping and control, an anti-glare cover for enhanced visual comfort and a low UGR rating and a nanofilm to achieve optimal optical precision and desired light distribution. 
The company says that luminaire manufacturers can use the new technology to develop own unique solutions for galleries, showrooms, corridors, warehouses, large halls, building reception areas, and anywhere else where both visual comfort and material and energy efficiency are important.

The nanotechnology is made by etching component surfaces with a structure created using mathematical algorithms on the same scale as the wavelength of light.
Beam options include Nilo, a deep ultra-narrow distribution for aisles in warehouses; Darlo, an asymmetrical beam for display applications such as art galleries; Elbo, a double asymmetrical beam for high contrast retail applications; and Nubo, a medium wide beam for general and task lighting applications.

The IQS Group uses the technology is fields other than lighting, including medicine development, anti-counterfeiting and materials engineering.

The company’s research boss Marek Škereň told the Circular Lighting Report: ‘This innovation represents years of dedicated effort and marks a significant advancement in lighting technology.

‘Our journey involved a rigorous process of testing, refinement, and solving complex technical challenges. Through collaboration with our partners, we refined our technology to make it practically applicable and effective.’

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