National lamp recycling target likely to increase

The Government has consulted on the national targets for household WEEE recycling, including the target for waste lamp recycling.  In 2014, the national target was 830 tonnes.  However, in its consultation, the Government has proposed increasing the target in 2015 to 2680 tonnes.  This is a significant increase, which in part is intended to allow for the fact that more business WEEE will be reported as household in 2015.

Recolight has always encouraged ambitious recycling targets, and as a result has been supportive of the Government’s proposals.  A higher target in 2015 will help ensure that more waste lamps are recycled under the producer responsibility principle of the WEEE directive.

The UK’s WEEE regulations stipulate that Producer Compliance Schemes, such as Recolight, must be notified of their share of the household target by the end of March 2015.  The scheme target is calculated based on the market share of household lamps put on the market by the scheme’s participants in 2014.

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