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Orluna unveils ‘circular downlight’

Orluna circular downlight

ORLUNA has unveiled a range of downlights manufactured to circular economy principles and supplied with a 20-year repair and reuse guarantee.

The company says that’s approach with the Origin and Origin Natural downlights has been to save virgin materials.

It has reformulated its entire business along circular principles following a process inspired by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The range of Origin and Origin Natural downlights have:

  • reduced virgin material
  • a 20-year repair and reuse guarantee
  • returns process and recyclable at end of life
  • UK built
  • transparency and granular information on individual components
  • CO2 estimates in the form of Environmental Product Declarations.

The environmental impact is spread over 20 years rather than the typical five years.

The throwaway single-use overseas manufacturing model is rejected in favour of a local environmental solution.

Orluna has added a ‘don’t throw me away’ label so that once the light has reached the end of its life, there is an explanation of how to return the light engine to the company to be repaired and renewed.

On instigation of the process, a renewed light engine is then sent out to the customer on the same day. The old light engine is then returned to Orluna in a pre-paid envelope. The old light engine is then repaired and sent out to the next customer as a renewed light engine, complete with a new warranty.

The Origin engine is rated at 17.6W.  It comes in two colour temperatures, 2700K and 3000K, with initial lumens of 478lm and 514lm respectively.  It has a CRI of 99 with an exceptional R9 (Red) of 98.

The driver options include mains dimming, Dali and 0-10V.

Sixty-minute fire-rated plates are available for protected ceilings. Other options include three-hour emergency versions and ingress protection ratings of IP54 and IP65.

Ray Molony

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