Producers welcome the Government’s WEEE consultation

The Joint Trade Associations (JTA) group, of which Recolight is a member, has announced its support for the Government’s WEEE consultation. The JTA group comprises eight trade associations and four producer-led compliance schemes, collectively representing approximately 90% of all WEEE producer responsibility in the UK.

Government’s WEEE Regulations Red Tape Challenge

Last year, the Government’s Red Tape Challenge concluded that Producers were financing costs far higher than the true cost of compliance under the current WEEE Regulations. The UK’s existing WEEE regulations allow companies that control access to WEEE to sell evidence that WEEE has been recycled at a significant profit. The result is that in the UK, producers of applicable electrical equipment pay much more than is justified.

BIS consultation on WEEE Regulations

The JTA is pleased that the department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has committed to addressing the key issues that are causing this through new WEEE Regulations. The consultation includes four alternative WEEE systems.

The JTA is supportive of two of these options – the Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS)/Designated Collection Facilities (DCF) Matching Process and the Collection Target and Compliance Fee. However, it also expressed a clear preference for the PCS/DCF Matching Process.

A fairer WEEE system

The two alternative proposals supported by the JTA have the potential to eliminate many of the issues which blight the current system. Both would be significantly better than the status quo. Both will provide Local Authorities and other WEEE collectors with certainty that all WEEE will be cleared free of charge on request. Both will also allow Local Authorities and other WEEE collectors to treat and report WEEE themselves if they wish, for example to retain the income.

Of the two preferred options, the JTA favour the PCS/DCF Matching Process. It is tried and tested, and already operates in a number of other European countries. We are convinced that it will result in the fairest cost for all WEEE stakeholders. We are also confident that this option can be implemented within the UK in an effective and timely manner.

JTA members are fully committed to increasing WEEE recycling rates in the UK. We are convinced that the changes proposed by the Government will make this more achievable.

Calling on producers

The JTA is calling on all producers of electrical equipment to respond to the Government’s consultation document, and suggests that companies contact their trade associations for further guidance. All responses to the consultation need to be submitted by 21st June 2013.

About the Joint Trade Associations

The JTA is a grouping of eight leading Trade Associations in the electrotechnical sector, and four Producer owned and led WEEE Producer Compliance Schemes brought together to achieve the common goal of introducing a fairer WEEE system for all stakeholders in the UK.

The Trade Association members of the JTA are AMDEA, BEAMA, EEF, GAMBICA, Intellect, LIA, PETMA and SEAMA.  The WEEE PCS members of the JTA are B2B Compliance, ERP UK, Recolight, and REPIC.  The JTA estimates that its combined membership represents in excess of 90% of all WEEE producer obligation in the UK.

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