Providing more than just WEEE compliance

Recolight provide WEEE compliance for all WEEE lighting. But we offer more than just compliance; we provide an integrated free lamp and luminaire recycling service for your customers and all end users. We can do this because we operate as a non-profit compliance scheme and use our funds to manage our recycling service.

No uncertainty about charging

Recolight takes away the uncertainty of the charging of traditional WEEE schemes.  The Recolight approach is to apply a flat per lamp, or per luminaire charge, based on actual in-year sales.  This is simple to build into your budget, and means Recolight members do not need to be concerned about the consequences of market share and target changes, or the compliance fee.

Satisfaction of our compliance scheme members is high

A recent satisfaction survey told us that our members value the support and advice offered by the Recolight team, we are told they see us as their extended Compliance department.

99 % of our members agree that they have peace of mind about the recycling service we provide. 87% say we keep them up to date with the WEEE regulations and 97% agreed that our staff are responsive to with questions they ask us. All that were surveyed are satisfied with the overall service provided by Recolight.

This is what members have to say about being part of Recolight

“Membership provides reassurance for customers”

“Assistance and communication is great, with useful reminders”

“Recolight takes the responsibility away from the company”

“Membership makes the company look more professional”

Joining Recolight is easy

Contact to the Recolight team to find out how we can help you.

We will arrange a visit to go through your legal obligations. followed by a simple sign up process.

Recolight Marketing and Communications

The Recolight team can answer any media queries relating to press releases and events at or on 020 8253 9750