Q3 lamp recycling data could lead to higher WEEE costs

The latest lamp recycling data was released by the Environment Agency at the end of November.  This shows that 4141 tonnes have been collected up to end September 2016.  If collections continue at the same rate to the end of the year, the national target would be missed by around 1000 tonnes. That means WEEE schemes which miss their target would need to pay a “Compliance Fee” for 2016, which would almost certainly be more expensive for schemes.  That in turn would probably result in additional costs being charged by WEEE schemes to their producer members, for their 2016 compliance.  Costs would probably be charged by schemes early in 2017.

With Recolight, WEEE is charged on a fixed per unit sold basis. That means Recolight members do not need to worry about compliance fee payments, or changes in recycling evidence prices.

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