Recolight calls on local authorities to help increase CFL recycling

local authorities across the country to do more to help increase recycling rates of low-energy light bulbs (CFLs).

Under the WEEE Regulations low-energy light bulbs need to be recycled when they reach end of life, and local authorities provide vital collection facilities at 1,100 household waste recycling centres across the country. However, an audit of local authority websites shows that 15% do not provide any information to their communities about these facilities or the importance of recycling this hazardous waste stream.

Only 10% of local authorities mention Recolight’s 800 additional collection facilities available at Sainsbury’s, Robert Dyas and Homebase, as well as at a number of other convenient high street recycling points.

Recolight’s Marketing and Communications Manager Suzanne Castine said: “It’s essential that low-energy light bulbs are recycled when they reach end-of-life as they contain a small amount of mercury which could be harmful to the environment if allowed to go to landfill. We’re working with a number of local authorities to increase access to collection facilities including Lambeth, Stroud, Stockton-on-Tees and Hackney councils, amongst others.

 “Research has shown that there is still more to be done to ensure consumers understand that CFLs need to be recycled, and local authorities have a crucial role to play in raising awareness and keeping CFLs out of landfill.”

In a bid to help raise awareness amongst consumers, Recolight recently launched a YouTube video starring its light bulb mascot Bertie Bulb – the low-energy light bulb on a high-energy mission to recycle. The video can be viewed here. Bertie has also been on a tour of the country, visiting collection points and generating local media coverage to help increase awareness rates up and down the country.

Castine continues: “Recolight is keen to work with local authorities to increase access to recycling facilities and improve the information available to consumers. Our ultimate aim is to increase recycling rates for the benefit of all. By working together with local authorities we will be in a better position to do that.”


Recolight Marketing and Communications

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