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Signify gets highest score in sustainability list

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SIGNIFY has achieved the highest score for a lighting company in corporate sustainability list.

The world’s biggest manufacturer of luminaires score  88 points from a possible 100 in the 2022 Standard & Poor Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

It obtained full scores (100/100) in 64 categories including climate change strategy and scope 3 GHG emissions, risk culture, product design and innovation, social reporting and policy influence.

The firm says its high rating reflects its continued efforts in sustainability leadership under its Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 programme.

Two years on from announcing it is carbon neutral in its operations, Signify says that it aims to double its impact on the environment and society.

‘I’m immensely proud of the work we continue to do to embed sustainability in our operations,’ Signify CEO Eric Rondolat told the Circular Lighting Report. ‘It’s these efforts that have been captured in our high rating.’

‘With the tangible effects of climate change playing out more visibly year on year, our customers and the investment community are looking critically at what companies are doing to make a positive impact.

‘This reinforces our decision to focus on energy-efficient technologies that make better use of the earth’s limited resources.

“The focus from our global board level, from our CEO, has been very much always focused on sustainability,’ said Steve Meadows, services and operations director at Signify UKI, earlier this month.  ‘It forms part of our five pillar strategy as a global organisation.

‘We did announce to the market that we were carbon neutral but it wasn’t purely an offsetting exercise. We looked at what behaviours and what technologies within our portfolios we could use to really benefit what we were driving towards.

‘So there were over 200 different separate initiatives that we embarked upon on a global basis.’

Measures to help customers include extended lifetimes for LED luminaires, connected technology and 3D printing to order.

Signify was the first lighting company of scale to declare that its lighting operations were carbon neutral.

Ray Molony

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