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Signify vows to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90%

Eric Rondolat

Global lighting maker Signify says it’s planning to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 90 per cent across its entire supply chain by 2040.

By 2023, it will achieve a 50 per cent cut.

The reductions will in line with its SBTi -validated net-zero targets and be measured in absolute scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions compared with the base year of 2019.

The plan includes various initiatives and programs across the business and value chain, which include incentivising suppliers to commit to renewable energy, electrification of its logistics fleet and extending the use of energy-efficient LED lighting – the single biggest factor in reducing the lighting industry’s emissions.

Since more than 90 per cent of Signify’s value chain GHG emissions come from the use of its luminaires throughout their lifecycle, the company’s 2040 net-zero ambitions focus on continuing to develop increasingly efficient lighting products.

The company has already achieved a 50 per cent absolute reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across its entire value chain, including the scope 3 use phase, since 2019.

It says that because a sizeable proportion of the global lighting stock is still conventional, there is a significant opportunity for rapid progress.

Signify says that a global switch to energy-efficient LED would reduce global emissions by 1 per cent, which is the equivalent of half the total emissions caused by the aviation industry.

‘We fundamentally believe in the potential of light to positively impact society,’ said company CEO Eric Rondolat, pictured, ‘and we fully embrace the responsibility that comes with our leadership.

‘As one of the first global companies to commit to verified science-based targets, we are today proud to raise our ambitions with Signify’s net-zero 2040 Climate Transition Plan.

‘Our innovations continue to deliver leaps forward in energy efficiency and sustainable lighting technologies. We will continue to act with urgency, and use our voice to engage our customers, employees, partners, and public decision makers to accelerate climate action across our industry and beyond.’

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