Work the WEEE system to get FREE lamp recycling

Specifiers should work the WEEE system to get waste lighting recycled free of charge

Specifiers should work the WEEE system to get waste lighting recycled free of chargeThe roll out of LED luminaires continues as more companies and organisations seek to reduce the energy consumption of their lighting. That means more and more traditional light fittings and fluorescent lamps are being removed and replaced.

When specifying the lighting equipment for new projects, engineers should give proper consideration to what will happen to the waste lighting that results.  And if specifiers are smart in the way they address this in their specification, they can ensure it is collected and processed free of charge.

Suppliers of lighting & their WEEE obligation

The waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) regulations are “producer pays” legislation which requires suppliers of new electrical equipment to finance the recycling of old equipment being replaced.  Including this obligation within the specification can prevent some suppliers from seeking to avoid the obligation through their terms and conditions of supply.

Lamps must be recycled at a specialist facility

The collection and recycling of such obligated waste is usually handled by a WEEE Scheme – unless they are very small, suppliers must join such a scheme to comply with the WEEE regulations.

Recolight lamp recycling facilityOnce collected, the waste fluorescent lamps must be recycled in one of a handful of specialist facilities in the UK.  The lamps contain mercury which needs to be carefully managed to avoid contamination to people or the environment.  Waste fittings must be recycled at other facilities – they will normally be shredded, and then separated into their component materials ready for further processing, and then introduction back into the raw material supply chain.

How We Recycle WEEE lighting – A Recolight guide

FREE lamp recycling from Recolight

FREE lamp recycling from Recolight

Recolight offers a FREE lamp recycling service.  We are able to do this as we operate as a  not-for-profit WEEE Compliance Scheme, funded by the lighting industry.

Minimum quantities apply to receive a FREE container, FREE collection and FREE recycling.

A lease container option is available for smaller quantities, collection and recycling is still free.

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