Circular Lighting Report

Start-up rethinks the way luminaires are made

A ‘complete rethink of the way luminaires are designed and manufactured’ is the force behind Leeds-based start-up LumiAdd.

The concept uses bio plastics to 3D print each luminaire to order. 

3D printing to order results in zero waste and enables unconstrained design innovation. It also enables LumiAdd to manufacture and assemble in the UK helping to lower each product’s carbon footprint.

The luminaires are designed to be re-used, repaired and re-manufactured, with recycling or industrial composting being the last option. 

LumiAdd even offers a buy back scheme to support the return its luminaires at the end of their first use. 

LumiAdd products achieve the highest TM66 assessment category of excellent circularity.

In this special Circular Lighting Report video short, editor Ray Molony talks to LumiAdd co-founder Jamie Norris Green about the concept. 

Ray Molony

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