Call for more and better Extended Producer Responsibility at NIC workshop

I was very pleased to attend the National Infrastructure Commission’s workshop, 28 February, on challenges and opportunities for the waste sector in London last week.   The meeting, which was introduced by Michael Hesletine, sought to set a vision for the sector in 2030 and 2050, and to establish key tasks needed to move us towards that vision.

Discussions were very lively. They included:

  • A strong call for more and better Extended Producer Responsibility
  • The need for “pull” measures to encourage producers of new products to use recycled raw materials
  • The need to adopt circular economy principles in the UK
  • Clear, ambitious targets
  • Better data
  • Stable regulatory framework
  • Support for investment in the industry
  • And vitally, published government strategies that support the above

The Commission has a real opportunity to input to Government thinking.  Let’s hope their voice is heard.

About the National Infrastructure Commission – NIC

The NIC was set up to provide the government with impartial, expert advice on major long-term infrastructure challenges, one of which is the Waste sector.

The commission is an executive agency of the treasury.

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